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Politics is not the stuff this geek cares about (except the issue of funding for research :D)
But, yesterday for the first time, I liked politics and politicians. Thanks to this "No more a sitting duck" incident. I suddenly have high regards for W for his cool snubs after the event (added to the movie 'W' which portrayed clearly that he is not the only one to be blamed for). Consider the case of the Texans Bull Eye was bulls eyed and smacked with the size 10 boot. It would have been the roll over, smoking gun, tape for the next two weeks, in all news channels (Our fellow Indian reporters saying, "I just got an sms from an inside source, that the right shoes lace was untied; it was a "made in Pakistan" shoe, there might have been additional shoes thrown at the President - from 1-4; an average of about 2 shoes or a pair, blah blah blah blah....").
Bush is 62, and he ducked at snakes pace. He is being constantly bullied, and scrutinized for his actions. Well, don't give respect for his positions. Try giving respect for his age, and let him live the next 32 days of presidency with some dignity.
And for the guy who threw the boot - Condolences for all your losses. Standing ovation on your guts to throw not one but two shoes on the Most important Man in the World
And for the reporters - It is an insult in any culture to throw shoes on a person (not only arabic, or islamic.. Don't fucken bring religion or culture into the picture)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, December 15, 2008


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