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"One mans loss is another mans victory"
The above quote, is from a 11 year old safeguarded (diary) page, which by sheer chance, I had to read, along with several other gathered pages from my past. Lucky for me, those eventful life changing memories, turned out to be jokes of wisdom 'now'. Several sequels continued from the various memorable events, and slowly as life's pace, grew faster than that of light, I realized that "Life Defining Memories for one, is just a mere event for the other"
Strange world it was then, stranger it got till now, and I know that it will be the strangest sooner than I can assume.
I recollected, thought, laughed, and finally trashed those pages (Yes! I did trash 'em out), as my memories are the secrets of my mind and heart. It doesn't carry any value in the eyes of the other.
I am glad that I did something different from the usual me - being crazy.

Events of the day: I converted a 15 second drive up a road to a 15 minute traffic laden smart-ass by pass. Murphy's Lane Theory was proven finally. Played at the swing in the negative temperatures just coz I had eventful memories of the place. Bid farewell to not 1, 2, 3, but 4 close friends as they prepare to leave LEX soon. I'm starting the realize that it is that month of the year, when I get loads of free treats, but the problem is these are all farewell treats. I've finally decided to start thinking of something good for my new year resolutions (Breaking the resolution of no resolutions this year :D )
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, December 14, 2008


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