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"No Psycho-Rant Post. Pen something interesting" Easy for you to say Abhikoo. I had to wait many hours trying to decipher the eloquence of an ordinary to squeeze out the juice of what you term as interesting. But, thinking in retrospect, I guess 'interesting' is a relative term. :D
Okay Okay... I know that the grass is extremely blue at your end (Sheesh.... Go get a break Mr. Workaholic). I'll try to cheer you up with something.
Mmmmmmm.... Hmmmmmmmmm...... (scratch scratch on my head).... Errrrrrr..... Mmmmmmm..... Crappppp!!!!! Nothing of the recent past seems enticing enough to be remembered as an interesting event. Choose the best among the list, and I'll write a post on it.
1. Got a glare from a 6 year old girl for reading her favorite comic among the pile of other comics for 2 hours. (Gone are the days of novel reading. It's Comic strips now a days)
2. Watched a movie with a friend All Alone in a 1500 seater theatre. (And the movie was good)
3. Resolutions. My Foot!!! That's the new resolution for 09. :D
4. Devicing a plan to total my car. (Long story short - call me, coz we need to discuss on the ideas)
5. Had a couple of months of food supplies hogged in less than a week (Getting ready for the hibernation I guess)
6. Had the first glimpses of 'I missed you Hari' EVER, and it was freakishly scarrrrryyyyyyy....
7. Life is going anti-dejavued. Meaning, I lived two days of life hallucinating that I did wish a bunch of close ones a warm new year. It ain't easy to convince people that you didn't forget, but you were hallucinating of greeting them. :(
8. Gained a few pounds over this new year - thanks to the unlimited hogging and binging and of course slouching.

Ah!!!! here is something interesting finally. I'm addicted to this song which I proclaim to be the official anthem for 09. The lyrics is WOW...

Two things pop up in my mind for new year.
(I) 09's A/F
(II) The only question that puts all my thoughts in place for this year is, "Will I?" OR IS IT "Will I ever?" Mind that the question I am talking about is not the will I part, but the OR IS IT part. (Oops, sounds psycho ranting..... Escaapeeeeeeeeee...............)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, January 05, 2009


Sooper mama.

Do a post on point 6 - i love reading posts above other people's social lives over lunch in office :)

'i miss you hari" is choo chweet..go on elaborate

Whats 'total'ling ones car ?

I can FART better than what fellows like Moby and Sting record. But u normally do not disappoint. il listen to it.

9:15 PM  

Point 6 would be nice Hari... :)

9:28 PM  

@ Abhikoo: 'Total'ling means damaging your car to a level that it can't be used unless you change the engine, radiator etc... It's like your current state of mind :P (Chillax dude)

@ Kalli: 6 is all abt my 'just like me' freakish nephew of mine who hugged me and slapped me (cutely) for nearly 15 mins (yup! my cheeks started to ache and turn pink).... Paasakaara payyan... :P

12:37 AM  

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