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Strike 3!! Am I still "IN"????

On a cold evening, exactly three years ago, the wintry February moon shined a quarter of its smile on my cluttered up mind. A certain pint of fervent nostalgia, smoothly infused with a tinge of solitude, wedged perfectly over the bliss of patriotic but not chauvinistic dream, marked the genesis of the ‘Indian Ameri’ – the blog you are reading. In these three years of my most defining years of life, this blog has been more than just a log of stupid and brilliant, joy and sorrow, self appreciating and self killing, mistaken and governed, controlled and uncontrolled, failure and victorious, breaking and bonding and many such 'flip of a coin' events.

Many a wondrous moments have been churned as a character that bloomed from this same blog. It has threaded a path so naively artistic, that it had governed a few memorable events and a sequence of 'consequences' which still has its scars and smiles visible in the current minute. Of all the million rants I reeked in distress, and the zillion exciting stuff I had naughty in excitement, a few posts such as the missed pizza gathering misunderstanding, the heat stroke responsibility event, emergency flashers of dictatorship on understanding, boxes of creativity from a single source, taught me certain paramount values of life. And the most interesting thing is; these values were showcased only due to the cause-effect of writing the posts in the first place.

Life might have gone through a twist of roller coasters and fearsome hoops in this interim, but the call for what stays as a fundamental learning step, to the next highest level in achievement is still good. From a bullish, angry and ranting chief of a clan, to a vulnerable, limited, isolated and rightly proven of my wrongs soul, I have an arsenal of characters ready to be highlighted for adjustment towards adaptability. And believe it or not, it all remains as registered protocols in the name of several posts which I refer to in due needs. The log always enshrouds a smirk of confidence in me at the end somehow.

Although Indian Ameri started with the zealous ‘Dream or Duty’ and slowly digressed into the many dimensions of the human emotional world through the other blog pages, the red dot of the bull’s eye hasn’t lost any fire. 'Daily Crazy' merged as an avatar of Indian Ameri, and 'Scribbling of the Lost Mind' penned from bytes to paper and once to press. As 'Quotes of Memory' continue to curtail the annotations of the current mindset 'Slumber among the lane of firing shadows' remain to prolong the pangs of memoirs. Although the standard of my skill in this active world of expression stays low-put, within the creation of my very own magic, these posts are masterpieces of an artistic pro, which will always have a fan in symbiosis. I guess, with that told, I can answer the title clearly, “Yes! My innings still continue”

What stayed before the moment? I don't remember. What lies beyond the moment? I don't know. What stays in the moment? I can't express. And as there's always a but.....
What was 'all the past' about? Lessons. 'What all' will the future be about? Dreams. And what is the present 'all about'? Gifted Mistakes.

(6 am thunderstorms, wrapped up long hour shifts, a slowly increasing fever, an air tight nasal blockage, and two songs “Breakeven” and “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” can really make one, kill time by blabbering nyyyon ishtaaap!! Sheesh!.. Got to go home, sleep, get well and get back to work... Rain rain go away! Come again Some other day.... :D )

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, February 27, 2009


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