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Great! (pissed off tone) I just spent many awkward minutes staring at the monitor, jumbling a heck a lot of statements and words trying to lash my mind out. But, somehow nothing seems to fill the void that I self doomed myself into. Instead of trying to even force a post out of it, let me divert my attention to something off the charts (yet personal). I am not great in dedicating a post to someone special, but my mind is in such an EV state that I need to do it than I forget the feeling never existed.

From the day I understood what siblings mean, I always ended mentioning up to my mom that I wish I was elder than my elder brother. Somehow, I always wanted to be a big bro to someone and it turned out that I can't do that in this lifetime to my big bro. Interestingly, I was called as one by quite a few great people. And to balance, I've been picked by some interesting elder women to be introduced most often as "my cute small bro" (I never understood how I was considered cute by many. Anyway back to the point...) In lead time, I got off this hook of dreaming of even meeting a great guy, whom I would really be with as a big bro. But I was greatly wrong.

Well, before we even go into the name of the candidate who finally became that small bro of mine, let me clear out some weird questions that might have generated from reading so far. What was that tiny difference, that special difference, that deal of closeness, that differentiates a "FRIEND" of a younger age, with a guy who could really mean a younger/small bro. Well, looking back at my last couple of years, the word 'tiny' just became big.

The memory pages flash a great deal of scenes with this guy. But the one regular pattern that happens every time in our bonding is this.
1. He first pings me in chat or calls me asking if I'm busy or sleeping?
2. (Once I say Naah) He asks if he can come to me and sit beside me?
3. (Permission for being with your friend? Not my ideal) He comes with a bright smile equal to a cats smile, and stands around. Then his face loses the spark and goes dull.
4. I pat on the space where he can sit so that I can see him as he talks (or even take my mind off other things that's not as important as this moment).
5. He sits, but not talks. But, I always love him doing the scratching the back of his head wanting to force a load of details, but is trying to concise it in a few statements. (I smile at this act)
6. Then I need to ask, "What's bugging you?" and then the rest is "Yo! (Small Bro) Chill Out!" talk.

Well, this version has a load of variations, but it all adds up to great time with him. And of course what makes it different that he is just not a guy trying to open up only to a pretty few. Well, this bugger knows exactly when things are wrong with me. And most lovely of him is that he seriously tries to help me out. But my act of some courageous self recovery statements always makes him 'give up' on me (for which I've been sorry inside). Guess, that's when I slowly believed that he is the guy who would become my 'ideal' small bro. There are a lot of things that we did and we did not do too, that transformed our friendship to this bro thing. Although I believe, friendship is the highest relationship one can achieve between two people and siblings don't share everything, somehow, I see both the friendship and sibling relationship to work great with this guy.

Too bad that I am going to miss him the most as he leaves to India for good. He had been in the thick and thin of my 'interesting' life so far. He is a well sought friend all over my university community for his goodness. He will be missed the most by many, and of course a few hearts would break too :P .. But, somehow I am happy that someday he is going to make us all proud coz of his dreams. And if he feels beaten by the world, there's always me to pat my side to signal him to sit and chill out and re try his efforts (coz he will win for sure, no matter what).

He taught me the difference between the words "Problems" and "Issues" and I still follow is once-random-freakish statement "There are no problems in life. Only issues" I'll remember that da Nick! Good Luck with everything. My wishes for you as always.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, March 01, 2009


Its good to have someone like that in your life!
As they say, we meet to part and part to meet!
Thanks for stopping by.

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