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Taking Chance

Two years ago, as I waited on the Atlanta Terminal for my connection to a conference, I observed a kid coming to a halt from his play and gazed out through the sound absorbing glass. Followed, was the entire family who stood from their chair in silence. On the outside, I witnessed the moving of a coffin through the tarmac, draped with the American flag signifying a soldier's sacrifice. Sometime later during the same year, I met a businessman who explained to me that his business was with the DOD - arrangement of an escort service for fallen soldiers. I never understood what it meant then. For those who respect the deeds of the soldiers (be it of any country), we never had a chance to experience the togetherness of those who deal with their transportation from mortality to morality. If you would like to know what it feels like, to be humane to strangers, or humane nature of strangers, watch "Taking Chance".
What made me click the movie link as soon as I saw the name, is itself a divine chance of pre-programmed sequences. For 75 minutes, I never stood from my bed, never even thought of having a drink, or have my dinner, or anything. I was rooted, and engrossed in the movie. Its been a while that my eyes twitched and moistened for a movie after Mr. Hollands Opus. And this one now tops the table for the best movie I've seen my entire life. Although Saving Private Ryan and Black, made it to the top for being commercial movies, Taking Chance notches the best 'real event based' movie. What makes it best is not that the movie is a story of a person, or of a group of interconnected people, but of the world - a world still filled with people who are good at least for those crucial seconds when they are supposed to be good, coz they are all humans.
The user comments on IMDB link says it all. PS, for those who hate watching war movies coz there is too much firepower and blood, no worries, this movie doesn't even show case a single scene of the war. It's all post war emotional movie. It's a must watch.

Things I learned in the past few days - Pint of blood, Peg of whiskey, Parched body, Pasted work, Poor sleep, and finally Plundered game-energy, in the mentioned order is never safe for normal human life. Cooking is fun, but cooking with a theme is mastering fun. Was a much different, positive attitude, confident guy after the game (even after losing it, and also failing to convert a good start) - I am starting to like this new me after all. Loved this song and had this stirring my culinary mind the whole moment I cooked a new recipe whose theme involves Saag, Cardamon, Rice, and exactly 5 brown eggs and 3 white eggs - End result, both visually and taste related scored an A++ in all my cooking moments. Although I am quirking "I am too old for this stuff" whenver I get a chance, on the inside, I am feeling much more energetic than I was a couple of years ago - guess am all going Murtaugh, the strong :D I feel a vibe of goodness in me. I guess it all started with the insight from the lovely conclusion of the episode My Full Moon from Scrubs. I might squeeze in a lil more effort to see Hoffman and Emma play around in Last Chance Harvey, before I sleep tight for a good Sunday morro..
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Thats a lovely song! I too cook odd recipies at times, very different things mixed together (the only reason being they were the only ones in the fridge ) to taste something which remotely qualifies as ediable food LOL , but I do sometimes cook nice - please underline bold and italics on sometimes :)

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@Srivats - unfortunately blogger doesn't have the underline option in its composition window....

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