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Damn the Dam =))

"Someday in the future, you are going to look at this and laugh"

Happy Anniversary first of all. It's been 14 months (and still counting) that I started work on my first papers draft. Today for the fourth time I got a reject on the paper. The funny thing - I insisted in resubmitting in the high impact journal since one of the reviewers gave a great review on the paper last time. Well! Now, the interesting addendum to this reject is one reviewer gave a perfect score of 5/5 in all 5 sections that rate the article. Another reviewer went hand in hand with an average of 4.8/5 overall. The third has one question to be addressed, but has agreed to the submission of the document in the journal after minor corrections. But, all it takes is one virus to spread. One reviewer gave a "Not to publish" comment, since he did not understand step 1 of the process (Which was clearly explained and published in my second author article). No query of his points to the work we represented in this paper. Now, I've got to switch publishers since the great editor was busy enough to bluntly put "Therefore, do not resubmit in Chem of Mtls again" in his reply.

My immediate (and continuing) reaction on the reject - ear to ear smile of the way things go around unaccountable in my PhD life (of course there is a nod of laughter too often). My advisors reaction - he knew that the editor copy pasted his previous e-mail with the added blunt line. He read the not to publish reviewers comment and disappointed how bad he couldn't get his/her name.

I have two 'advanced studies' papers in hand (and a book chapter to be printed on the 14th of this month) that refers this article for the initial work. One of them is already decided to be submitted in a very high impact ACS journal (which I worked for the past two weeks after my first draft trying to trim and fit into the journals impeccably mature style). As my advisor used his dexterous hands to explain how the "Flood Gates" are just in contact - an analogy he uses for the condition we are experiencing with this 'what' forbidden journal, I couldn't stop laughing.

The only thing I told him out of the smile was, "Either the flood gates getting opened soon or the dams gonna just break" His response, "Damn! Damn......!!! Damn the Dam...... Damn!!!!!"

"Someday in the future, you are going to look at this and laugh"

Funny that I registered for two Future Faculty Program courses for Fall 09 just an hour before being told about the reject. Guess its time to break the stupid pact of "I'm celebrating my first published paper in Natasha's Cafe" and go after all and spend enough alone.

A few minutes after publishing the blogpost.
Re-editing the blog: Ah.... And finally the smiling stopped, coz there's no chat window open, no passenger seats taken, no phone calls dialed, no adjacent steps filled, no swings swaying - there's just me and the feeling of "just a stupid blog page to talk to....... "
Awesome its raining icy mixture now. Atleast I've got something to take my mind off as I walk home now.

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Did you see benjamin buttons ? there were some very good lines in that movie like..

"Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss"

"You never know what's coming for you"

:) thts all I got to say

11:54 PM  

@ Srivats - I don't know abt opportunities, but indefinitely it is the missed things that's defining my life...

9:13 AM  

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