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A Puff of Happiness

  • First of all, I am very (raised to the power many) happy coz Jay (the grandson) had his ass whopped by Hari Sr.! :D......... Jay wailed, while dad continued his attempts threatening him to eat his food. As suspected, mom cried looking at her grandson crying. =)))))))))))))))))) I missed the drama for sure.... Imagining the exact way the facial expressions might have portrayed (dad's anger starting from his brows, Jay's face turning pink first, even before the waaaaaaahhhh, and mom's glistening stare before the flood gates broke), has been amusing my way out of good work throughout the day. :D

  • Was it the 'too young to act' reason against my two uncles, and was it the 'not the dominating of the two siblings' disadvantage against my brother, I don't know, I never was able to take a stern step towards controlling/making them quit smoking. With both uncles' 9 lives evaporating to lung cancer and hell frozen luck towards my bro, I guess I am too late to act now. Today out of the bloom, a random request from an addictive friend to buy him cigarettes, a walk with the resuscitated soul, an empty camel menthol box on the pavement, and a laundry drenched $5 in the reserve night pant - an idea sparked. The next few tens of minutes might in fact be an unusual attempt to help this friend out - even if it's for a few days. If controlling someones life is what I am sadly said good to be at, then I guess it is time to harness the character for a better cause. If you're a believer, then pray for him to quit faster. If you're a realist, send me some money, coz I am the one who is sponsoring his cigarettes from now on. :D That's the deal! :)

  • Seheri song is really lifting my mood up. Unbelievable lyrics. While the male voice focuses on the reality of 'only' the current moment, the female voice throws light on the 'need' for futuristic aims/goals.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, July 09, 2009


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