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I'm fricking MAD about the way certain things have fine-tuned my character.

Life sucks - Knowing it and working against it, is Mature
Life sucks - Knowing it and fretting about it, is Immature
Life sucks - Can't notice it, is definitely Pathetic

Going from an immaturely pathetic mindset to a mature work method just to overcome the life-sucks-concept successfully sucks the spirit out of you......

Being on the receiving end was nothing. Wanting to deliver hampered by the experiences of being in the receiving end just isn't fair.
Self-hatred needs to be made mandatory....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, November 05, 2009


ah! so much spite!

as ive always said, you ought to start reading books/develop a hobby only involving yourself

we talk one of these days, maybe prearrange a time, this weekend maybe ?

9:36 PM  

such whining! may perhaps you should have been going thru this 'growing up' phase years ago? aren't you too old to be going thru this? life doesnot suck. being immature does.

12:39 PM  

@ Abhikoo: Involve myself.... Hmmm.... Ain't I been that kinda selfish person for quite sometime??? Strange... Have to work on that strategy....

@ Anonymous: Ah! Ain't life all about a continuous stream of lessons bombarded by coincidences and incidents? Growing up in character happens every instant of life. This is a never ending path. PS - There is still a lot of childhood dreams left in me to degrade my soul. Don't know if I consider myself as old yet. And yes I am prematurely immature trying to shadow it with some mature experiences.... :)

12:59 PM  

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