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Song for the weakened heart

As part of my TA job, I am requested to assist Jim Polly, an 87 year old Donovon Scholar in his queries related to Nanotechnology. With sufficing interactions, I'd gladly accept that this 1953 Chemistry graduate is more interesting than what meets the eye. Yesterday, with the microarray field trip tending to make the class go warm in the seeping winter, I decided to accompany Jim to the HSRB building. As effervescent as a bubble, he walked faster than his heartbeat eyeing the younger crowd of the class fading among the Chem-Phys building. A cheerful chat kept him smiling all the way in his childish slide of a pace. Then all of a sudden, I realized that I was chatting to thin air on my right. Turned and saw Jim standing as a statue two feet behind me with his breath visible through his wide opened mouth. Fear crept into my spine and I had no other option but to run to him. Immediately he gripped my arm, dropped his notes and kept his other hand on his heart. Panic was evident in my mind. I felt the grip tightening in my arm and saw that his legs started to shiver and buckle.

A series of more physical signs proved that he was in serious heart pain. Panic, turned into calmness, and with all the CPR training taken as a mandatory protocol for UKCC and LTCA orgs revised involuntarily in my head. My eyes focused on the Chem-Phys corridor door and with no second thought I said, "Mr. Jim, hold on. I am going to carry you inside a building to get out of the cold." He nodded, and I carefully, let loose of his grip, lifted him and carried him to the nearby building with at most care. Within the next few minutes I had called my flu stricken roommate to get his car for taking Jim home since he insisted in denying any 911 help. About 5 minutes later, with two more unknown students around me expecting his pace maker to kick up, he recovered from his pain, took some deep breaths and said, "Let's continue to the microarray demo"
I was left......... well you know, unbelievably shocked at his attitude. A mixed bag of emotions, mostly swelling towards confusion sweated my face. For the next half hour of demo and the rest of the day, I was left intro-extro-don't-know-what-kinda-spective mindset. And that along with the irony life, is the biggest reason for making me avoid a concluding thought for this post.

Moving from the regularities of the daily heart attacks:

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posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, October 16, 2009


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