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Participle - Participating Continuity

Simple statements like, "Both Dr. Hi, and Dr. He are busy tomorrow. So, no meeting tomorrow" make me look as confused as a baby in a strip club. The reason being, when someone gift wraps a few hours of 'no work, just play', the mind starts to take the idle devils gameplan. And conventionally like all humans, I hate it!!

Instead of 'so-called' utilizing the opportune moment of the free Thursday evening in years to draw bright tangents with the dark circles, the heart took the road less taken. Turned out, that the road was in fact the parallel wooden rungs of a long iron ladder over which the mechanical monsters pass behind the Desi street hooting every night. Twenty counts of "taken pictures" later, I was stranded soaked from the breezy rain, over a railing deficit bridge several miles from any area I know in Lexington. A pick up by the senior roomie later using the i-phones google maps location finder, discovered that I had actually ran around eight miles on a railroad just by listening to a rhythmic song. Somehow, the jog steamed a great amount of pressure out of the cooked bheja.

Time well spent on finishing an old photography project somehow induced the Ghajini's intuition to make a call to Lady Liz (LL) and Skipper (SP) inquiring about their wedding anniversary. Turned out that the pair got married by registered paper on July 24th, while the real "Thaali/Mangalsutra" episode occurred two weeks later (after LL eloped from her village 'alone' back in the late 70s). Skipper's discussion of restlessness for those torturing 14 days and LL's mute excitement experienced in the presence of my grannies for a lil' over 12 happy days proved a real enthusiasm for the year. Every time I probe deep into my parents romantic adventures, I learn something interesting. As a token of appreciation of their guts, I gutted out the truth of finally passing the final stage of the faculty interview from IIT-K. And as a token of sharing some principles, I also informed them it's just a back up plan if things turn 'fatal' here in the States. This sharing somehow instigated the curiosity in Skipper, and we ended up detailing a discussion on just the phrase, "What is Nano?"

Ended the night with an experimental kitchen attempt to extract rose flavor from a bouquet of bought love using coconut oil, hot water, and a never used antique 10 ml extraction column. A few spoons of mango pulp and milk gave it an exotic drooling taste.

Off the rail roads of romantic adventures:

1. Fortunately every roomie I had in the past 5 years turned out to be good in character. Or is it the perspective of seeing, appreciating, and 'extracting' the rosy-goodness in all that I've been with? For the two days of sleepless fundamental scanning and multiple book reading, I'd been offered Nescafe, given hot soup, compelled with black coffee, and satiated with a nice "busy-belabath." In return, the party demands not one, but two blue labels from me. :))

2. It's early summer/spring and the 'hippy' vision is already kicking some neural dendrites' ass by noticing a lot of things on the walk to the lab. The recent count of non-human materialistic smiley faces on the road has been six (and these are not visions of clouds changing into the faces). And every time I cross the concrete cemented smiley, I think of taking a picture with the phone and sms'ing to the fan.

3. Three and a half years of points of no return were reanalyzed and the pick of the lot ended up on 'turning around, sighting a shut door, getting into the elevator, and thinking "The answer for the long sought question is now."'

4. A lot of muteness is shown by me on the field and it is really making me feel young and energetic.

5. "Screw you" was the exact phrase Dr. Hi used, while he was analyzing my response to the rude reviewers query. Coincidentally it was the same phrase I used as I read the query 2 days ago. Also he used twice the term, "What a d**k!!" in front of me as he read the reviewers next query. Non-coincidentally I wasn't that peeved with the bloke.

6. I am doing another jog definitely when it rains and this time I'm going to listen to "not alone" all the way till I meet the polar express.

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posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, March 26, 2010


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