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For the past one to one and a half years, I had managed to device various methods to wake up at the different protocols of sunshine (busy, easy, gusty, gutsy, murky, fury, etc.y). While, this has made many a roomies and friends go curious, it has eventually made 'em finally confine to the standards of my interests. Today's wake up alarm was no less a variation from the usual protocol. But, things were different as I opened my eyes. The picture at stake turned out to be somehow admirable. Instead of just following it with a smile and slowly focusing my vision onto the wall clock for checking the severity of punctuality/the wrath of under-sleep, I got stuck to the picture at sight. This line hummed inside my head - "Just admire the blackness of the insubordinates". A provocative analysis of the line turned to change the humming into a flow. And, finally I got this out of it......

To admire the blackness of your insubordinates
And to secret the noon of your relentless inmates
To water your pair lotus of the chasms
And to vanish the stars of your calms
I die with the dearth of your storm
And I relive to the hope of your warmth

While, the meaning of this whatever-you-may-call remains a mystery to others, it might well be the story of my life. And it does look like a happy story......
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, February 26, 2010


good sweet lord!

1:47 PM  

@Abhikoo: Dude, I did give you heads up that you're gonna not like this post and have a smirk of disbelief as u finish it... :)
Things r goin pretty fast yaar. So nothin out of the blue happenin for an enticing post... :)

2:16 PM  

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