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The Triad

Every once in a while, a sudden surge of passion for a family reunion occurs among the Chirras. While, the senior generation members are all either under snooze mode or fried mode, the pick of the lot among the growing generation make it good enough to produce some magic among those who are still up and tik-tokking solid. As the first few seconds of the movie as sent by my cousin played, I was wondering 'what the names were?' of the different Chirras that were been taped. Three minutes and fourteen seconds later, as ordered by cousin, I glued my eyes to the screen. Instantaneously, I went into shock followed by denial, acceptance, confusion, followed by "no words to describe the blankness". Among the dancing crowd of youngsters (maximum of near 35 years old), I saw mom dancing gracefully. For the next eighty odd seconds, I expressed utter blankness in my face along with a smile radiating a thousand watt bulb. Then, the shot twirled and focused at dad. Believe me, he had a pasted portfolio of the same expressions his son was showing now. He did his sheepish laughter, while his eyes were still searching for a plausible explanation of the sight of "the return of the old self". The last time I saw mom dance, was during her pre-arthritis days, when I was nine or ten.

After waiting six brutal hours of night time in India, for a change I woke up dad, told about the cousins video and asked 'what was all that about?' A series of discussion with queries directly to the lady at grace gave me this - (Am assigning characters to my family members from now on)
LL (Lady Liz of the royal empire/mom in layman's term) made friends with a bunch of Velachery Maamis, personally hired an autowaala, shunted too and fro during Skipper's (Skipper Penguin of Madagascar/dad in NRI language) off-field work, and finally figured out the right kindergarten for CJ (Nibbles/nephew to me; Cool Jay/grandson to her making them the LL Cool J pair). She even started bribing the ABCD teacher with her so called delicacies (Poor skipper. Still bearing to his Lady's cooking). And she blatantly admitted that this feat of her doing for Cool J made her forget her pain for a while and just partied with a success implied dance.

Skipper's comments as sputtered when interviewed were, "I fell in love AGAIN son!" After confirming that during his comments, LL was busy dropping two sugar clumps in the tea she is preparing in the royal kitchen, I agreed to skipper that I bow to his patience of passion. While, this was the case developing back in MumsLand, here Nibbles was all excited to even write KRE (Kindergarten Regional Examination) and TOIFL (Test of Indian as a Foreign Language), started watching desi movies to improve his grandmother tongue, stand in queue for a visa, practicing the right answer for "Tum India kyun jaa rahe ho?" and finally making a list of what cheese (like achaar) to take to India and how to tackle the customs officials when caught on transporting perishable items. When asked, "Why are you so interested in going to India?" the shrill voice in the phone proved the excitement that "I can eat Dosa with my haaaaaaandssss!! Gaaampa make yummy i-keem tooooo" Thinking about the Pillsbury dough eating a fried dough and the yet to be recognized by the apple inc. product - i(ce)-c(r)eam as homemade by Skipper, I'd guess I'll witness these and more interesting stuff when I go to India later. For now, all I need to do is figure out a way to meet the kid (been 3 months), and send him to India soon.

Life away from the Triads!
Sickness issues - 33 teeth leading to 2 decays below the visible region, an anesthesia induced bi-teeth removal and mistaken poking of the other side, mouth ulcer developed on the poking zone leading to inability to even gulp semi-solid food, leading to malnutrition, metabolic breakdown, night fevers, and further misery by skipping gym for 3 straight weeks, which lead to muscle relaxation and severe cramping.
A "frick it!" rejuvenation jog turning all stupid coz I fell on my elbows trying not to do a stampede on the rain-induced-worm-migration kept me locked and sealed. Finally a rebooting of the system by two days of good rest ensured that I was fine enough for some friendly water polo. But, as the apple falls due to gravity, I tore a fragment of my back muscle fiber keeping me stiff for enough time. And finally, the sickness drought struck lightning, by a first ever shin cramp during a backfoot punch drive for a four. While, the guys were ball watching and appreciating an elegant shot I 'never' attempted, Chotu was stretching my leg by pressing hard on the ankle and knee region. His sarcasm during the physio, "Ab toh accept karo ki bhooda ho gaya. Retire ho jao re". Been two days that I'm still limping around the department attracting concerns.

Lost in Migration - Somehow the gold chain I wore, broke loose and got lost somewhere. The part that worried me the most was that the dollar in that chain was 32 yrs old. It was dads first piece of jewelery out of his savings (and it was insisted by mom to buy one for him). The symbol had been lurking around as the symbol in three different houses that was built over three decades, was part of my brothers college life, and in spite of my disinterest in wearing it, mom believed that it would protect me from danger (Always made fun of it, but somehow felt guilty after losing it).

Irony of work - Return of the sick graduate led to a back log of experiments broiling my way out. But the real irony was, the post doc got sick due to gall stone issues and I ended up being the scape goat of a senior to work on this 11th hour for advisor crisis-industrial project. While, I single handedly optimized the reaction to make the best contact lenses as required, not even a single cent of the time I spent on perfecting this project turns into a para in the corners of the last pages of even the appendix chapter of the thesis. Strangely everything on the thesis seems to be giving trouble 'only' at the last step. This has kept me from even finishing revisions for the paper and submitting it for final acceptance.

Strangely the word rat poison reminded me a little over a decade old memory of how circumstances led to the coining of the word "Guli" Although I can never imagine, I still have the right to glance about the possibility of "what if that accident never occurred?" I can only wish....

Rejection - After two weeks of intense phone interviewing and back and forth e-mailing, finally I was let go from the possibility of having a back up option of a faculty researcher job in India on the basis of "inexperience". Guess, I need to rewind my life back by 5 yrs and stay put.

Florida awaits - For some unexplainable reason, I'm skipping the plan of making it to Panama City for the weekend. And I still can't figure out what the heck is the reason about?

Anyhooo the post is long, the debt in penning one was longer, and the satisfaction in finally coming out of sickness is the longest (hope it ends tonight)......

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posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, March 14, 2010


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