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Ain't it strange that we take full liberty in really venting out at large on the phone at the slightest mistakes our parents make? While dad's pass a "hmmm..." followed by a comment of apology or a futile childish attempt to reason out the mistake, mom's just do what we used to do when we were her "my lil' baby!" (which btw is eternally unchanged for her) - the voice's decibel level drops, shakiness in the words, a hint of pre-tear breaths, and finally awkward silence as an attempt to plug the flowing emotions. And ain't it really strange that by the time we finish the conversation we feel a great deal of mindless guilt rolling over our hearts, that we end up apologizing a few dozen times to her, while, you wait till the next time to apologize to your dad?

Taking the 'frustration-shown-at-the-parents' out of the picture, I feel that women always have an upper hand over men on getting an apology. It just ain't fair!! My apologies to the ladies if this POV is illogical. For the men, "Peace, mate!"
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, March 29, 2010


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