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** A message to the future Hari

"Publishing after a series of stressful followed by fortune moments in two days"
I am usually not this guy. But, I know the deepest, darkest reasons for why I feel that I've just changed the next half of my life due to what I've failed to achieve within the past 18 months of my life. Far by any means, today and that too the last half hr is when I desperately needed a friend in all the entirety of my life...

Here's the time travel message to the future Hari:
If you are still thinking about what you failed in your PhD years, then also think about the things that made you fail. The most important thing is, you never used a situation for obtaining your results. You never forced an answer towards success. You were completely original in your attempts. You always respected the ideals and principles associated with the goals in pursuit. You screwed up things, but you always bounced back just to get screwed more. And it was not 'entirely' your mistake. And finally you learnt from your mistakes and did correct yourself and never tried to prove that you've changed...... Go on, continue with what you are chasing new now. Remember the moments between when I wrote this and where you are now, that had to be fought harder to keep this guilt in you living. Remember not to forget what you learnt from these mistakes. Remember not to forget what you had left unachieved in your life changing years.........
And always Remember to forgive yourselves. You've tried your better and now try for the best in everything!!!!
** - Everything's personal!!
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, May 08, 2010


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