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Last weekend was a special memory in my life... I went with my friends and the department colleagues to Smokys (Cool place). Being summer all I saw was lush greenery everywhere. Expected some kind of fall colors (how stupid of me). Yet got some great caps for my photography bio... Had so much fun that I lost my wallet while playing in the river and to make matters worse my mp3 player was soaked with fresh water that it went dead on me. Then went for rafting level 3. We were 27 members. 4 of us decided to go for the rafting unguided. I was the first person to agree with the idea. Noah had the experience twice before and so was confident on him. I was accompanied by two other starters Vasille (Romanian) and Brandon (A good friend of mine after this trip, American). On the outside we 3 were afraid. Noah was neutral. But once we went past the first rock we rocked the river. The photos turned out to be great with us being calm with dangerous spots whereas the other 5 boats showed 'God be merciful' faces. The trip went great, had some great chineese food. The finishing touch was great. Came with Nitin, Saikat, Abhay and Sumod. We had 4 hours of nonstop PJ's and PJ's only (hey Abhi if u r reading this scrap me). Being a dull toned guy none of my PJ's made an effect but Abhays was great. We finally decided to call him the PJ king.

Came home and bought a new mp3 player. I had planned to send some of those good shots of mine to orkut media page, but it turned out that I saw some profiles of great photographers and decided to wait for some while.

Did some ATRP reactions for my research and as usual everything turned out to be bull. AFM results proved my inept ability to master the instrument. Went for the weekly soccer game and met Brandon as my apponent. But still I had Reynolds as my striker. Assisted Rey in two easy goals, tackled Brandon with all my strength (my body weight) and had a good battle with the chineese who were sweaty-slippery (they removed their t shirts coz it was damn hot).

Went to Ohio for the weekend cricket game. Great city should I say. The downtown is large and made a puny out of my current city (Lexington). First time had coffee in US after 11 months. Had a French Vanilla Frapachino (dont even know the spelling, its from Starbucks). Got addicted to it in the first sip itself.

Picked up a new guy from Hyderabad on SUnday. Found out that this guy is innocent. But he had a great first day experience. We took some cool speakers and shelves from trash for our apartment (Hey what do u think!! Its not easy living in US as a starter).

This week did some normal stuff. My computer got infected with adaware and spyware (I was a bit lonely and went through these odd american sites and all of a sudden some adult popup came up). My virus detector gave a blare all of a sudden and thats it spyware infestation.

Planned my experiments and this time found out I got good patterns in my samples. Verified them with the lab microscope. Was happy with that. My Smokys experience enticed me to buy a camera and so I decided to check some deals. Found some great deals on the net. Just before pressing the verify to place order button Ramu (my new roommate) came into my mind and since he came 3 days ago from India I got into the act of converting stuff into rupees. My heart went bizarre and finally pressed my mind to wait for some more time. Still I'm aiming for the Panasonic SLR type.

Played basketball for two days during my routine workout. It was a good change and my arm feels strong. Checked my weight and found out that I am reaching a saturated level of around start 70's. Other than these my life was routine. Expecting some new comers and fresh faces to throw the light around me. Still am in the dilemma to whether go for election next year or not. And finally I feel lonely coz none read my blog and even if someone does I dont see a reply. Seems like this finally turned out to be my personal diary instead of a public bulletin board about my life. I wish I can go back to the time when I was happy.

Still got lotz of time to play with. Let me finish it coz am becoming Nostalgic. What will the future birng me this week??
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