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10 Things I hate the most

1. Some guy asking "Why do you like India more than US?"
2. Spending time alone in my lab expecting someone in the messenger would say a 'Hi'.
3. Never allowing anyone to be my best friend because of being haunted by the memories of being cheated by my best buddies.
4. Advicing me on how to spend my day without knowing what I had done in the previous day.
5. Calling me an All India Radio (not an expert in any of the three languages - Tamil, Telugu and Hindi).
6. Someone calling or chatting with me only when they need a favor (Especially friends).
7. Comparing my work with someone elses work (Its the efficacy of work that matters and not the time put into the work).
8. My communication skills (The evil shadow which makes me remain isolated from others).
9. Call from my brother at odd times (Remember I love my brother more than my parents) and finally.
10. Hating myself for expecting the above said things to change.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, October 28, 2006


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