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Negative logged memory.....

There's a T shirt saying 'I was born brilliant. But education ruined me'. Well, sort of this holds true in my case. As I was clearing my yahoo inbox of junk mail (which were important in the past) and organizing them (I hate seeing unread messages in my inbox and anything that's an year old), I noticed this mail with the subject - My certificates. These were certificates I scanned 4 years ago just to save them.

As I checked the certificates I saw this one particular one for which I won the first place. It was in 1994 (11 years) when I entered the memory talent exam (regional one). The whole event hit my head in a blink in which in the final part of the exam, I had to see a picture for 15 seconds and answer 40 questions regarding the picture. With people as old as 25 involved in the exam I won the memory exam. My memory also took me to the event during my high school where most of the students underwent this BBC prequiz program when again I got 58 out of 60 questions related to memory correct setting a zonal record. And finally, I finishing a 30 minute 'pick the odd one out' test in 7 minutes (the next student finished it in 24 minutes) and still scoring the maximum percentile made me really happy. I laughed at the events running in my mind and slowly was struck with fear because of the way I had turned into now.

Now a days I am suffering from extreme memory loss. As my everyday committments increase linearly my memory loss grows exponential (am a researcher, so dont mind the mathematical language). In addition to forgetting my old pals names, phone no's of my good friends, academic gene pool faculties, I have started losing memories on favorite songs which I listened a zillion times in life, events with special people which should actually go into my heart rather than my head, the crazy things I've done in my life and much more. Though my temporary memory is at its exponential peak, my long term memories are fading away.

I feel hard to remember the exact intricate details involved in my research (for which I am documenting every damn thing I do during an experiment). This is really freaking me out coz I want to become a faculty in the near future which requires remembering a lot of work done by self and also by others (whose names I keep forgetting). I do not know how to cure this problem of mine, but I need to act fast.

There had been moments when I forget simple words when I'm explaining stuff. I keep forgetting the weaknesses of those people whom I defeated only by targetting their weakness (sports only). Yesterday I met this kid in a party and introduced myself to him. To my surprise he said he knows me and this is the fourth time I'd been introducing myself in less than 6 months. Worst of all, I'd been appreciating friends for their tacky taglines in orkut and gtalk and livejournal which to my surprise were infact given by myself to them only a couple of months ago. If this continues some day soon, someones gonna wear a T shirt with my quote and a pic which I took risking my life with my camera. Am really freaking out with the memory drop I am having..... PS the title means a negative logarithmic plot of my memory with age as the x axis (Now I remember y I wrote that title. Seriously was wondering y I kept that title in the first place)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, September 28, 2007


hey the symptoms seem to be matching to those of Alzheimer's disease .... watch out..
Lol kidding man...

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