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Was clearing my desktop of all the crap stuff and was organizing my files and saw this word file I created 'like a decade' ago. The stuff I wrote in it were 'supposed' to be lyrics for some songs which I intend to do in the future. These are just some random notes (not even completed). Thought I need to put em just to save em from being forgotten. Well here it comes. (don't be mad at these ones. They were written a lonnnnng time ago)

Song 1 (or should I say Notes 1)

Pillars of questions zoomed my sight;
I was in for a surprise,
‘Understood’ was victorious;
‘Understand’ is a question,
‘Questions’ turn out to be an answer;
Pillars of questions zoomed my sight….

Song 2 (the comma in the last line indicates that I thought of some line but stopped continuing for some reason)

What should I do when I am in the crowd?
When you’re the only one I see,
Understand is the word I yell in my heart;
Adjust is the word you feel,
Change is the concept you fear off;
'As you are' is the concept I agree to,

Song 3 (my personal favorite. I do remember the reason I wrote this note. But lemme finish the full song and then you'll understand y i wrote it in the first place)

Life and death are balanced in a hospital;
We take it as it comes,
But when it comes in the same family;
That’s when we need to believe on miracles.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, September 25, 2007


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