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'Striper Hari' - well don't imagine things first of all. There's a 'p' missing from the usual stripper. For the past 3 weeks I had been wearing only striped T shirts with an inner Tees. But today coz of the laundry pile up, I was left with no Tees and wanted an off from the usual trend and so went for a checked T (large size). The black jean that I kept at the end of my closet caught my attention and I did wear it. When I was wearing the belt I realized that another person of my hip size can fit along with me.
With the 200% loose Black jean, and a black checked Large T shirt I started for my daily work. In less than 12 hrs I had at least two dozen people asking me about my attire. 'U look like a kallu (no offense I still call them as African americans)', 'Where's the baby kangaroo?', 'Are you Hari's twin brother?', 'The walk resembled u, but the dress din't', and much more comments. The one that astonished me was 'Striper Hari's having his off for the month'. As I walked back home I realized that people tend to observe ones attire during the process of communication.
In the process I realized that I had lost weight and that I am early for my second stage of self grooming (Don't laugh. I never had the time to take care of myself in the first place). The time is now apt for me to build my body and increase my stamina. Decided to go to gym atleast thrice a week. Made it to the gym and guess what, Another person asks me, 'Heard that you din't wear stripes today?' I laughed over the comment while my mind was saying 'I am not a zebra for heavens sake'.
All done and said - I am thinking of straightening my hair for the november conference (which might be a complete surprise for most you guys)
Off the blog: Today I had 3 resutls generated in 14 hrs whose deadlines are still 2 months away. So I was very cynical.
My guide accepted them as results, yet he used the 'but' word for better results which made me happy coz now there was something close to my pessimistic victory.
Oru Mugamo from Bheema by Harris rocks big time coz of the background score and the lyrics. Been pumping my fists with the song when I get the results.
Bhool Bhulaiya is the only movie I expect to be good in the following bollywood year. Theme song rocks in it.
Rejuvenated 'In the shadows' by Rasmus hit my mind a dozen times today and I loved it as usual.
Optimized my backpacks weight and strap length to soothe my back ache. Now I name it as Buttpack. (added a 10 lb dumbell to optimise it. Am showing my PhD skills in real time analysis)
Did my first phone call to a friend (even in lexington) after 8 days. Been really busy.
Realized that I never got a comment from anyone on my blogs for quite sometime. Wondering if the big bang started working on the world?
Cleant my office table and collected all the dead cells on it (my nails) and weighed them. Well it was quite a count. Total weight of 1.6382 grams. Trying to quit the biting habit. Thanks to Ind-Pak finals, had to eat instead of bite.
Read 43 journals in roughly 4 and half days and my head feels heavy with ideas.
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