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What did you do Unc?

A couple or 15 or 20 years down the road my nephew might ask me the question:
‘Unc, what did you do for my first birthday?’ and this would be my response:

‘Was angry on my behavior for not inviting a friend for your birthday directly, pissed with the way your dad was sad about not getting a gift for you, thinking about how to get at least $30 for your birthday, making your dad happy and not worrying about the negative balance, fought with a 42 year old doctor who was supposed to pay me $250 a month ago, sold a collectible at half the price, skipped dinner though being with my best friends in a Thai restaurant, invited a couple of great friends for your birthday dinner, dropping that idea later since you would be having your party somewhere else, waited for you and your dad to sleep, skipped dinner as I had to do house chores and go to walmart to pick you up a cake and it was to be a surprise even for your dad, walked, hugged, kissed you to sleep at 3 in the morning, turned down the alarm so that you can sleep, sleeping sitting on my chair, getting up 2 hrs late than when your dad asked to wake him up, kissed you and took you to bath and left immediately to Walmart, skipped 2 red lights, was stared by a cop, gave an old lady help in lifting 3 garden sand bags into her caravan, sprained my ankle in the process, got your cake, ran to the other side of Walmart to get the icing cream, practiced writing the words, ‘Happy Birthday Jayanth. Hugs & Kisses. Daddy’ on a cardboard box, wrote it pretty slowly over the cake, got confused over the card I had to select to say sorry to the friend I had been rude too, finally dropping the idea as I was running out of time, drove real sleek through college traffic, took a quick shower and shave and was making you laugh with foam all over my face, was feeling bad that uncle R had an exam, Uncle A had a class and of course aunty A did not respond to the phone call I made, kept you laughing all the way during our trip to the temple, spent an hour of shivers in the temple coz I never wanted to see a God deity in life, made sure you had enough fun in the temple, finally accepted defeat and just went to Lord Ganesh and said the only words Thanks for everything and I was happy about it, wasted more time waiting for things to get over in the temple, played with you, started back home, sharp at 12:17 pm took my seat belt off and kissed you from the front seat and wished you, tickled you to make you smile and laugh when my parents were on the phone wishing you, made sure you remained calm when you were hungry, came home to find that Uncle A had not decorated your room as I asked him to do so, did that part myself, Uncle A left for some work, R had job and A had lab work. In short none were there for the proposed birthday party at 12 45 pm, took all the blame self, waved you good bye for your appointment with a doctor, stayed confused on whether I should go to your party at 5 30 since I don’t believe anyone was going to come with me to support my presence, and finally dropped decided not to come.’

‘Saying this, your first birthday was still awesome, as not a single tear came of your eyes the whole day when you were with me. I was glad on that part in spite of all the spoilers’
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, September 14, 2007


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