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24 hrs is a lot to blog about

At 2 in the morning when I returned exhausted from work, instead of seeing some grown ups taking rest, I saw 3 kids crashed in the best of their tiredness. One was sitting and sleeping with the TV remote in his hand. Had to set the bed on the floor and gently moved him to the bed and gave some pillows and a bed sheet to be used. The other kid was sleeping so deep that he forgot about his job at 2 am and when I woke him up he was behaving like my cousin (was not in his senses). With guilt I woke him up and asked him to get ready for work. And finally the third one – tired from all the laughing and making others laugh, was lost in his own style of sleep. I was happy that he did not go back into the past and slept tight. After an hour of house chores, I went to bed and noticed that my bed sheet was taken by the first kid. Thanks to his snoring, I did not bother about the cold as I did not have any sleep.
Woke up real early and to my surprise, in 2 years of US life, 7 am looked very different when I walked to my lab. People all around me were busy and each one I crossed returned the smile I gave them. The weather was awesome. Had an incident with one driver and when he was stopped at the light, instead of going after him I just laughed (effect of the happy weather) and waved my hand and he smiled back.
After working for a couple of hours, I was so tired that I started to kick my energy back by doing the usual punch back exercise. Got so involved in the exercise that I gave a hard one at the lab chair and instead of breaking the chair, I hurt my hand real bad.
Checked some photography pages on 9/11 incident and instead of seeing from the photographers eyes, I watched some pics from their hearts. It got my mood down. Later went for an analysis and in between my analysis I get this phone call with an India number. As the discussion grew long, I realized I lost one small friend, and I was happy that he did not go through all the trouble he would have faced if he had survived.
To hurt my mood more, all of a sudden the analysis machine broke on me and the comp hung on me. And seriously this is the first time I forgot to save my file every now and then and lost the whole data. Now I need to work on it tomorrow.
I was pissed and was walking home with a sleepy yet fuzzy mood and to my surprise I get another India call and this time the person on the other end started blaming me for what I am doing to support my brother. Well I did not try to convince her, but now I would say – once there was a group of rotten spoiled kids, and one such kid had gone through a lot to understand life and is responsible enough to dedicate his entire life working for his son. I would do the same if he was my friend instead of my brother. Things are not what they are if you look only at the negatives.
Came back to lab and Donnie (undergrad) as usual asked me some questions and after explaining him the details, I got this comment from him – ‘Hari, know what? You are a wealth of knowledge!’ Instead of being happy I was again down and the exact words that ran in my mind was, ‘What’s the point knowing stuff? I am still lagging at my goals.’ Later realized that I can still reach the deadline even if I do half of what I am doing now.
After some more data analysis and dinner I returned lab half an hour ago and to my surprise I got the reply mail from what I was mentioning yesterday.
Now I have an interview over the phone on Friday. I am real excited and this is the only reason I wrote the whole blog. The phone interview is just the start of what I had been waiting for. It has been 2 years that I lost track of my skill. Been using it on the smaller scale with enough rules and regulations behind my back. Of course friends and family have been against my ideas as always. People call me crazy. But I would say – there are two ways you can call someone who tries something different, Crazy or Legend. I guess I go with craziness initially and turn up legendary. Anyway no high hopes coz there’s still a looooonnnnngggg way to reach my dream. I am excited in spite of the mood swings. Friday has to be my lucky day coz it’s also my nephews first birthday and I can give my new job as a gift to him. But now research keeps me happy.
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