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101 Long way to drive

First of all this is my 101st post so far (with an extra 13 posts unpublished coz of personal and derogatory remarks).
Every felt responsibility come in an instance and then you feel as if you are old enough to burden it... Well it happened for me today after, I would say a long ,really long time.... The last time I felt the need for rising up to the occasion was when I walked several kilometers when I was in kindergarden to my house. Guess that was a lil too hyped... Anyway coming back to the point, after coming from the mall (was excited coz I got 3 $35 T shirts for $3.99 each coz I searched the whole mall for the cheapest attired) I had to cook food for the freshers party potluck. I had one hour to do it and somehow with the help of my roomie I finished it.
When I was about to leave to the function my bro gave me the option of taking his kid, my nephew along with me. He said he ain't coming for a while. Truly this was the first time I had a chance to be with him alone. Suddenly I felt responsible. I never liked to buckle my nephew in a car coz this wasnt the way I used to grow up when I was a kid. My dad used to take me on a ride everyday in his bike before he went for his work, and seriously I wanted my nephew to sit on a bike and cherish the wind in his face. But today I felt serious and buckled him up tight and safe at the rear seat. In fact here comes the shocker. I rode slow and steady, used all my indicator lights and was following every damn rule in the book.
We entered this parking lot (and since it was football night) and I had no parking slots available. So I was pretty upset and my nephew sensed my anger and he started to make grumpy sounds. When I spoke to him in a calm way, he sounded calm. It was very funny. I parked the car near my department and was walking to the nursing building and on the way I saw this kids play ground and thought why not today and so jumped the fence with my nephew on one hand and his accesory bag on the other. We played for quite a while, and we had fun.
Later I realized that he poopied in his diaper and guess what... I took the challenge and after reaching the nursing building changed his diaper. The nice kid dint even move when I changed the diaper. He was acting cute and smart. Then as I walked into the freshers party hall with my nephew in hand I had this strangest welcome ever in my grad life.
The atmosphere was different. Instead of the mexican wave and the bellowed Aahhaaa Ohooo Aahaaa, or the CD Hari, or the Captain, or any of the thousand names they gave me, the whole gang just welcomed me with the at most laughter and smileys. In an instant my nephew started to cry and seriously once he starts crying he never listens to anyone (even me) except his dad.
But I walked with him directly to the front row avoiding all commotion and just shewed him for a while and then he started to smile and play.
Later during the pot luck dinner, he was smart enough to attract attention by accepting food from everyone in the room. I was very much happy that he met a couple of my great friends and those whom I consider close to my family. I just wished that all their blessings stay with him for ever. Anyway no more senti - back to the fun part. We played, and played and played and kept playing and then he started to run around the room and started doing head on collisions with objects. Whenever he went under the table I made sure I kept my hand below the roof of the table and with bulls eye precsion he bangs his head into my hand. Though I was slowly feeling the pain, I had fun seeing him learn how to avoid a low roof. Within minutes he started walking with a ducked head (he was not in balance but still walked cautiously). Later when he got tired he came right at me and raised his hands so that I can lift him and walk.
With him on my shoulder, I had to attend several calls at the same time for at least an hour. I was so soft that the person on the other end asked me to yell or thought that I was in a bad signal zone. Later my bro came and he took care of the kid. They left, and when I came back home after the party, all I saw was a MESS. My room looks as if a kid had been there and ya there was one. Now he has gone to bed and life seems different.
Life's taken a sudden turn and its going to be hard to cope up with it. But then looking back, I had enough turns so far and had managed to succeed so far and I am pretty sure I can manage this one too. Who knows I might turn into a responsible person, first of all taking care of myself (which I never felt like to be done so far), might find some true friends, might lose some relationships, might enjoy what I had sacrificed so far, might turn out to live the way I like. There a long bit of road yet uncovered, and theres a lot to be dealt on the way. As one of my friends advices when I drive, lemme just 'Shut up and drive'
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