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Cheaper by the dozen

With droopy eyes I woke up for the blaring alarm of mine, woke my brother up and went back to sleep, this time pulling the comforter from him and cuddled my pillow. Two hours later, we were in the county clerk office for his drivers test exam and guess what! He forgot to get the new insurance papers for the test. Talking in our native language we made fun of the way the day started. Still lost in my sleep, I called the insurance agent and told him that I am his ‘patient’ and that I need the insurance form. Had a funny chat with her regarding her getting confused over the fact that I got sick and that I was filing for insurance for medical aid.
With the drivers exam postponed to 2 pm I had my day well organized – only on paper and did not follow a single event as planned and just wasted time. To tell the truth it had been ages I’ve been like this and one way it felt good. Watched 3 episodes of CSI non stop and was happy. Anyway coming back to the point, this is the 12th time my brother is going for the drivers exam. 5 times in Texas, twice in Frankfort and now finally for the 5th consecutive time in Lexington. Before the exam we were comparing his efforts with Mohammad Ghazini who tried 18 times (am bad in history, so am not sure if the no is correct) to invade India and finally managed to intrude in.
After the initial paperwork, I was asked to wait while my brother and the instructor went for the exam. I was watching this afro American guy 6’3”, wearing Jordan shoes, typical below the knee jeans, striped boxers, striped Yankees t shirt and a Louisiana flat cap. I was amazed by the amount of diversity he showed in his attire. He was taking his written test to qualify for road exam. With one hand holding the telephone (which is of no help anyway coz it was connected to the examining ATM kinda machine), and the other holding – of course his pants, he was busy ‘not reading’ but yelling the question to himself (that’s what he thought of his action) and then making a hissing sound followed by a sigh and finally a big pant, finally made his mark on the touch screen and followed to the next question.
Soon I realized that whenever he pants, he got an answer. I felt like watching Monica Selles in an afro American body playing with questions instead of a tennis ball. I was laughing to myself every time he panted. Soon (whew! Way past a normal adults time) he finished the test and went to the sweet (I would say racist) lady and informed her that he’d done with the test. Before she can respond he started to shout at the top of his voice, ‘Yo, I failed for sure. Yeah!’ ‘I know I failed my black ass’. The group of people sitting in the room turned to him, stared for a second and then went back to their work.
‘Congratulations! You were correct’ was the response from the sweet lady. The guy was happy, gave a thumbs up gesture to his mate sitting on the other end of the room. With the face of a happy kid he looked at the sweet lady and she gave back a similar smile which slowly turned to the devils laughter. ‘You failed. You were correct for once’ and she pushed the retest form back at him.
Poor guy didn’t have a word to say. He just mumbled to himself, booked an alternated date and left disappointed while his partner was trying to keep him happy. As I watched them walk out, I saw the instructor (who went with my bro) coming back. I had this feeling coz its always my bro who comes first and then the instructor. My head inclined beyond my sight of reach and there I saw him standing looking at me. All he did was wave his hand to come towards him and as I approached he said to me, ‘I did not beat Ghazini. I got the license.’
Good gracious!!!!!! He passed on his 12th attempt. I couldn’t laugh, or be amazed, or make a joke out of it. All I did was look at his happiness and just walked with him for the rest of the process. It had been long that we both had fun in such a fashion. Driving back to the department I was recollecting all the 7 other attempts and was just laughing about the irony.
I had been thinking a lot for quite some time for the past 2 days and realized a lot about what I need to achieve. After days I even remembered the name of a song I used to watch whenever I felt bad. Realized that I had been foolish enough to think of even quitting on my dreams and destiny. There was, is and shall always be incidents which shall make me happy and shall motivate me for the better future. Decided not to crib about anything coz there is not anything to crib about.

‘Throw a pebble in and watch the ocean;
See the ripples vanish in the distance,
It’s just the same with all the emotions;
It’s just the same in every instance’
- Send your love by Sting
PS its my century post. How better can things turn out.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, September 07, 2007


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