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Tripsy Trip

One dial on 8 and the other on 12. 'Great!, am late again'. Started running out down the stairs, with my usual skip a step run, and as I was about to reach the first floor, one stair cracked and I slipped. Thanks to the involuntary waving hand movement, fortunately I caught the safety rail. 'Whew! that was close.' One more peek at the watch (as if I lost 10 mins in getting down the stairs) ran out of my apartment to the road and since I usually take the downslope covered with grass, I ran with a stupid mind. 'Oops!' With yesterdays rain, the grass was all wet and me in my non wet F1 tyres, ended up sliding. The balance act resulted in my coat ripping of its buttons and my hands trying to lift my orange coat as high as I can on both sides (unimaginable? I had my hands in the coat pocket to avoid the cold).
A jog in sync with Ingrid Michaelson's song ended up saving precious seconds. As the song ended I checked my iPod for another musical masterpiece and 'Ohhhhhhhhh..... May day, May day, Sleet on the road'. I am damn sure, that Charlie Chaplin would have envied the way I tried to stay balanced. A sincere check on the sleet made Mr. Hyde come into action and wasted the same precious seconds I saved before, on wondering the reasons of using salt to avoid sleet formation. A slip on mushed garbage (Yuck), on an oil spill and eventually on a wet surface, all set me go into code red safety mode.
After carefully avoiding all the puddles, all strange objects, grass and the broken stairs, I made it safe to my apartment door. Opened it, was happy about the way I managed to stay focussed and still survive all the falls, and walked straight to my nephews bedroom to kiss in his beautiful sleep. Wham! There I was lying on the floor with severe pain on my back. Moments later, after recovering from the pain, I looked back and saw my nephews toy car still wheeling. I managed to survive all the really painful falls and ended up tripping over a toy. I was left blank for the next couple of minutes, confused about the concept of fate. Then, I decided to leave it to my monkey acts instead of fate and continued the rest of the day. Thanks to my cute nephews sleep, I ended up forgetting about the fall till now.
Abhi as for u, I'll stick on to your decission of not going Tagged. Too many things incidentally clashing up for the top 4 places :-)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, December 16, 2007


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