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Yo Yo Yo Yo YO YOOOOO! Two weeks of misery finally ended tonight. Been reading this review paper by a young faculty from Wisconsin for tomorrows [actually todays :-) seminar] and luckily, I've tree'ed myself into a network of (or should I look at the dying toner and say a pile of) papers which seem to have generated a zillion ideas and concepts in me all of a sudden. The best (and of course the worst) thing was to see a Nature paper having the same idea as mine. I just wish the new chemical (Yipee again coz I got a final go to synthesize myself), turns out to be good enough to start showing me some productive results. Ideas are pouring in like a deluge with my conecptual and theoretical back ground improving the moment. I am so filled with ideas that all I've done so far is write my ideas in a file and saving 'em (after every five seconds). Got completely off track the seminar paper. I'm going home and gonna take a nap (Its 4:30 a.m already) and lets see how pathetic I perform tomorrow.
Other research related things: Just saw a resume of a good friend and found out that he had 12 papers (5 first authors) published in 4 years. Instead of being scared or dejected, it turned out to be a boost
My advisor just promised me that, if I get a nature or science paper accepted, he would give me a test drive on his Lexus. Kewl!! More energy input
Outside Research: How come all of a sudden, everyone I know turned so nostalgic. How come I'm the only person, who doesn't feel anything regarding my past memories?
Spent yesterday night hours to get a perfect picture for the HR dept photo contest and at the last minute, after watching the 'so-called masterpieces' I decided not to submit coz the theme was "What makes you happy and healthy" and all the images seemed not even close to the theme.
Musics all gone classics in my mind. Am listening to songs as old as 1930's
Famous quote which I accidentally tripped upon (which I liked instantaneously): The life of the flesh is in the blood - Levictus (Taken literally life doesn't begin when the sperm meets the egg, but 18 days later when the embryo infuses with blood) Science refutes Theology =))
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, January 29, 2008


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