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Adios Amigo

Sitting reluctantly for the first time after a heavy meal of fresh journals, I entered the cyber world of my friends circle, and there he was waiting for an answer for the one question he posted for the day – If I am not what I am, what could I be?

And that’s how the whole time-out took its roots. In the process, I posted my questions, ‘When was the last time we had an ESP? When did we last sit together the whole night and chat for laughter? When was the last time we did cooking together smelling happiness from the curry’s whiff?’ Silence sometimes could be deafening. I had that thunder coming as an answer and we moved on with stuff we should never be discussing at this age. But……. We didn’t stop from the inevitable.

At the end, he concluded, ‘I keep myself closed, coz I can’t bear the burden of departing alone. And that is why I stay departed, away from you.’

To break the thunder I produced in return, I typed one reply, from the soul of my heart, from the depths of the woeful mind, amidst the confusion of circumstances, ‘Guess we still have the ESP running in us’ and then I showered tears which traced my smiling cheeks. I wonder how many more such situations of mixed laughter and sorrow do I need to face before he leaves. I wonder when the past would become again the present.

I asked for the first time in years the one question I never truly believed in reason, ‘Why me God?’
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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