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Apples N Oranges

Try answering the following questions, if you are jobless (just to keep you occupied) or if you've completely lost control working hard (thats what I am feeling at the moment)

1. Who would you be and why? An experienced cardiologist who performs 3 extraordinary life saving operations in a month (assume he does it for 8 hours on a stretch) for the rest of his career life, in the presence of at least 6 other expert subordinates OR a lonesome research scholar who toils 5 hours on an average, every weekday, for 4 continuous years, hoping to find a better cure for the same disease as treated by the doctor (assume he does rat or rabbit studies, and death of the animal is part of the research). [Clause: Both have passions to work in their respective fields]

2. Who would you choose to be and why not the other guy? An artic geologist sufficiently clothed facing a sub zero artic wind of 40 mph for 5 minutes on the hottest day of the year OR a daily Chicago commuter using a scooter racing to work at 60 mph on the coldest day of the year for 20 minutes. [Clause: Both individuals have the same parameters of life and health coz it is a comparision of you and you only :-)]

3. Who 'should' you be? A gifted fellow, who has the ability to grant unlimited wishes to anyone, who wished from their heart, but cannot wish anything for yourself OR the person who is given just one wish, for yourself which, not necessarily has to be wished from your heart?

Current Status: Nerdy angry; I miss my Morrison n Boyd (for those who don't know what it is, It's a book on organic chemistry which I read like a novel back in the good ol' days) I admit for the first time that organic chemistry is volatile. :((
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, January 17, 2008


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