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Coffee’s warm Mr. Postman!

Terrible start is what I would call the way things turned up in the morning. Learnt from SAB that, the photo contest needs photo files which have to be at least 250 dpi so that they can take a print out on a canvas sized paper. Checked online and found out that even the EOS doesn’t give 250 by 250 in both the resolutions. Thanks to this crap, I didn’t even miss my lifeless camera. If this was a bad start then, what happened in the Pneumatics lab was horrible. I hate it, when people use the term responsibility of title. Being the safety officer, I had to direct two post docs in another shut downed lab for hours. Had one glove and all I had, were bio reagents and acids. Ended up postponing my experiment and analysis of the day coz I have just half an hour before I run home to baby sit my sick nephew.

With all this in my mind, I walked haste to collect a friends I 20 from International affairs. And on the way, I saw Dr. R walking towards me, whom I met early in 2006. As he passed, I said, ‘Hi Dr. R. Long time, no see. How you’ve been doing?’
“I’m doing good. You…. You are…. Harry”, he replied after walking a couple of steps
“Hiiii!!!! Between now and then, have you ever thought about buying a coat? I just watched you walking and you just have a sweater?”
I smiled, ‘Got accustomed to the weather’
“Here have this coffee. It’s warm” and he handed his Starbucks to me. (Yes it was really surprising to see an American offering his coffee even as a joke)
“Hey, now I remember. Your favorite is vanilla bean frap. You hate chocolate and mocha”
I was dumbstruck on his memory. We met just once, and he remembered our previous meeting. And continued on with some more things we missed in action.

Later I continued to the international affairs building and, when I introduced myself to the lady in charge of I 20’s and that I’m picking up a friends I 20, she replied, ‘It is always good to have friends’
“Am also the official postman to her”, I retorted.
“A friendly postman, it is then”, she smiled back. “Have you ever listened to ‘Please Mr. Postman’?” she questioned.
Puzzled on what made her ask me about a song, I replied, “By the carpenters?”
“Carpenters it is” and she smiled me the way out after handing over the I 20.
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