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Hansel and Gretel

What would you call, if you found a dollar bill lying on the floor of that basement entrance, which only a handful of people know about? Good fortune may be. But here is the real deal; what would you call if you found another dollar bill, near the emergency fire exit where usually a handful of the handful I mentioned, go for smoking? “Man, it’s your lucky day”

A penny on the road may be considered a trifle in the modern carefree world. But luckily I found in addition to two Washingtons, a few quarters dropped near the bus stop. Strangely, now instead of being fortunate, I became spooked and confused. I checked my field of view for any possible pranks and found nothing. With no candid specials showing up, I decided to share the incident to a friend of mine (Let us call him Hansel) and his suggestion was to use the money to buy large fries of Arbys. As usual, our friend (Gretel of course) came a little late and once we gave her the background on the free money, she went furious over the fact that we are going to use someone’s hard earned money to surfeit ourselves.

I don’t know why we do it, but we like to tease her a lot and ended up giving her points on why her idea was wrong. We gave her BS like, ‘It ain’t Christmas to donate money to Salvation Army’, ‘No one’s interested in taking a donation for $2.75 as a big deal’, ‘I can’t throw it to some beggar coz we see none what so ever’, and etc. But finally the point what Hansel dropped on her was, ‘You think Arby’s large fries is going to fulfill our hunger?’

Instantly I felt, ‘Oh oh! Time to expect a backfire’
The frown of disbelief came in her forehead and there she yelled, ‘It might not fulfill yours, but it definitely would fill someone who is really in need of food. ANY food’

Hansel went mute and sorry for his actions, while Gretel ended up folding her arms and walking off. It’s always good to be the giver or the receiver, but the median is always risky. I just prayed that I won’t be pulled into this fight and thanks to whatever, Hansel just walked towards Gretel and started convincing her. Slowly their physiques grew smaller and smaller until they were consumed by the traffic. Just picked up the two green bills and the three quarters and walked into Arbys. Ordered a glass for water (and obviously, just for water they charged me 25 cents which I paid of my pocket). I dropped the fortune money into the tip jar and walked off with the icy water.

Guess too much fortune is also dangerous. Today has been a completely strange day. Meeting Dr R, talking about songs to a stranger, working several hours coz of responsibility of title, teaching post docs on safety issues and now two dollar bills and 75 cents in coins. To end it up, I landed hard on the slippery ice floor of banana leaf while holding my nephew on my right arm. As a kid always laughs for no reason, he laughed on my pain and I returned a wide smile with pain.

Status: Fortunate to be lucky or Lucky to be fortunate – Both fail in the eyes of hard fought responsibility

Songs of the day: Neele Neele Ambar Pe, Vandha naal mudhal, Santorini and Morning Raaga
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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