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The nigtmare photo

Silently he crept behind the Panzers and reached the bombed wall. He jumped to the basement, and with and unexplainable dexterity he managed to stitch the back wound inflicted by the ricochet of a sniper bullet. After a series of planning and technical implimentation he saved seven of his close friends from the ruthless colonel.
Three years later, both end up facing each other in a deadly combat in the woods of the smokies. With the general turned colonel, standing on the top of the chimney tops, it was evident that he had the upper hand over the inexperienced enemy he has a shot at. With just the short range Magnum, he wasn't the same confident hero who he was during his first encounter. With every bullet path tracing close to his barrier, the 'once' hero, started to lose hope. All plans of evading the enemy and going for a counter attack turned to be futile because the general somehow seemed to know an equally smart counterplan.
With minutes turning into hours and the distance shrinking between the two, he started to have visions, of old times, of nostalgia and finally, of his dream.
"Click!" The general pointing his Walther at the young enemy.
Visions blurred to the muzzle of the pointed gun. Arms raised, he closed his eyes for a last minute prayer. The trigger was activated and a sudden splash of blood hit his face.
He opened his eyes to see that the gun had jammed and backfired at the general. A sense of blankness filled his mind as he saw his enemy, the general choking and gushing blood of his holed throat. Holding hard to the wound with his left hand, the general used his other hand to delve through his shirt pocket.
The general showed the front side of the photo to the 'once again' hero.
It was a picture of the general's daughter. A picture of someone 'I' knew.
And I woke up from the dream turned nightmare. It's been around four hours and I remember everything about the dream except the face on the photo.
Life track: Ended up on a tightrope walk between friends, family and future during the weekend and because of it and several other reasons, had a walk, long enough, that I realized, I've been watching the pavement all the while. Made a trip to farmington hills to drop a friend and return journey was uniquely blank for the first time in years. My mind seems flushed of everything and I feel retired from this world
Chartbuster: Yaaron Dosti from Rockford and O re piya from Aaja Nachle
Quote of the moment: Unlike my past, it is the future I am changing with my present state
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