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Hold my Hands

The sun just gave away its shift to the three quartered moon. The winter wind just picked up some more chill and the temperature dropped to 16 Fahrenheit. A feeling of fright gave me the goose bumps as I just escaped the iron pillar by inches skiing at near 40 mph. But the next micro second continued to give me more goose bumps, as I realized that, now I am flying as I just came off the iron pillars foundation pit at the same 40 mph. The flight made me land hard on my left heel, and the momentum shook me off balance and after nearly swirling three times on the ground, I came to a stop. Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch, murmured my mouth covered with snow. The snow patrol expert just came to me and apologized, ‘Sorry son. Didn’t see you coming. Good that you shouted and avoided the clash’ and then after a momentary pause, ‘You OK son?’
‘Yes sir’, with pain I muzzled out the words. And then he left to continue with his work.
With all my senses coming back to me, I started again to test more extremes and while I searched for my friend, I noticed this father and son pair having a bonding conversation. What I heard through my thick skin of two sweatshirts was
‘You can never get up of the snow like that. ‘Use your poles. Keep them on the uphill side and try getting up perpendicular to the slope’, said the father in a concerned tone.
‘Hmmmpff! Hmmmmmm! Ummmmmm! Aaaaaaa! Nope’, gave up the kid
‘Keep your legs wide apart and then try it’, suggested the dad.
The kid did the same and tried once more and yet he managed not to raise even a couple of inches. The dad just rose up and bent down to his son and offered his hand and said, ‘Here. Hold my hands. Let’s do it on a flatter bed’
The small kid replied, ‘No dad! I’ll do it here’ and he put his head down towards the pole and held it firm with both his hands, and tried with all his strength to get up. The father instead of withdrawing his hand now brought his other hand too, in a shape where he can catch his son, if by chance he falls again. With some more huff and puff, the kid started to stand off the ground. His ski slid again, but this time his dad caught him. He asked his son if he is fine.
I smiled at the dad and said, ‘How you doing sir?’ and his reply, ‘Wonderful!!!’
I stuck both my poles firm on the snow and gave a push, and in seconds reached my friend waiting to sit back in the sky lift. As we were sky lifted to the top, I saw the pair again, with the son catching his dad’s poles (which the dad held horizontal) and they both made small and simple turns on a steep. I just showed them to my friend and both of us saw them cruising below our sky lift cushion.

Other than this, I ended up doing 4 hours of snowboarding managing to master the toe side sharp turn and stop, while my heel side turn ended up in cramping up my right calf muscle. Yet did the extreme sports hop using the board and crash landed on my senseless butt. Switched to skis and managed to go to the level where I learnt to do the sudden stops by bringing both feet close to each other. Got close to death not once, not twice, but thrice. Still searching for the online version of the ‘Lays Manicure’ and ‘Welch grapes Monster in the closet’ cute ads.

Been listening to Jodhaa all the time for 3 days non stop. The only other song I’ve listened to is Stevie Wonders’ A place in the sun.
Status: When it rains good, it just pours. But when it rains bad, it just turns into a tornado.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, January 20, 2008


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