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TGIF is never the term that suits my mood. Yet another rotten Friday, dealt with laziness and at most boredom, should have actually paved way for a miserable weekend. But things were different as it struck midnight. Guess my Fairy Godfather (why should it be Godmother all the time), dropped her wand on my head, I ended up going to both the Dame and Saddle Ridge on the same day and dancing for nearly 2 hours in spite of running bizarrely from one end to the other just for the safety of my friend in salwar. Thanks to her enthu, ended up making Bangra with the other 5 members which eventually in addition to turning American heads, made a couple of African Americans dance. A heavy meal followed by some usual chit chat left me deep in sleep.

What I expected to be a peaceful sleep ended up to be a nightmare with the constant noise from the nearby parking construction. After the usual freshen up and lunch, I sat around relaxed for an hour waiting to get the mood to go to lab. In came news 'I have job in 2 hours. I didn't get an off'. The words from my brother brought the 'weekend plans cancelled' frown coz now I need to take care of my nephew. I've somehow managed to baby sit and also work on weekdays, but weekend is different. But fun was balanced with friends

An hour after taking the responsibility, I was all laughing, looking at my state of rain. Till now, I am not sure whether I gave my nephew or he gave me a bath. Thanks to his interests in skating, he purposefully slipped often in the tub leaving me no option but to hold him tight getting all the soap on me. If Hammy and Twitchy squirrels were hyperactive, my nephew is super hyper (guess he got his grandpa's genes). The amount of play I had with him, made me go tired in hours. The only way to make him tire is to dance for some fast beat and he tries to catch you leg. We ended up blowing bubbles in the cold, playing peek-a-boo (he doesn't even know what the game is about), and much more. But the best part is he was very cooperatively naughty. He just jumped all the time over the washing machine while I was dumping more load into the adjacent one. He looked at the dryer standing upside down, pushed my laundry bags from the third to first (man he is strong), helped me clear my trash of bills (who needs a shredder when you have a free one who enjoys shredding paper into infinite pieces), pumped air into my mouth with the cycle pump just coz I acted as if I was asleep (me and my pathetic acting), played with shaving cream, offered me salt and pepper when I was dishwashing, ran and stamped all the roaches wearing his shoes (Yucky is the word he understands as an indication to kill roaches), sat with me in our balcony with both the feet hanging down into the second floor, moved all the couch pillows (forgot the exact word) and showed me which one is all messed up (clearly pointed, 'Hey Unc. No more sleeping on the couch. You'll get back problems'), best of all made me eat healthy food that too on time coz he was hungry at the same time and much more.

Of course, I had some issues too in baby sitting. The most important rule, Guys, Never ever make a baby sit on your lap when he is hyperactive. Not once, not twice, but three times I was hit hard on my 'not that area' area. After watching JFK and Three Kings (by the way JFK is the best documentary movie you can ever watch. Kevin Costner’s last speech is impeccably awesome. How I wish the 1960's English existed in modern day USA), I went to bed at 5:30 and thanks to my bro's day shift I had to sleep with my nephew on my side. The little rascal pulled my entire bed sheet leaving me shivering in the cold. But he was cute and warm. Woke up at 6:30 (that’s one hour for me) and instead of me getting fuzzy, I was made to enjoy all his smiles and laughter. His styles of brushing teeth - Chew chew chew and moooooo. Made him sit near the stove and gave him the spoon. He scrambled all the eggs as a sport and for me 'delicious scramble'. Gave him my cell phone switched to speaker mode (locked the keypad) and he just walked behind me wherever I worked at (Hey hands free speaker phone). Tore Pillsbury's dough into equal sections (small hands means small pieces) of crescents for some croissants. Next time I am definitely using him for making cookies, the one art I never even qualify for amateur level. His favorite sport - clinging on to my dumbbells when I do exercise for my biceps. A free back masseur (just lie on your tummy and there he stomps your back muscles), and an awesome friend. I always wanted to be a doctor. But only recently I am wearing a doctor’s mask while changing his diapers. An epicurean of seafood (his face can be scaled to 10 for deciding which seafood is the best) and a great entertainer while watching sleepy movies and an awesome critique while watching action movies. The best of all, attracts all the pretty ladies wherever I take him to (of course all I do, is envy him).

A few more days and then he is all in for Day Care whilst his daddy works harder for a better future. Guess my Fairy Godfather just dropped the Prince’s boots on my head to worry about the future. Before I go drooped, updates – well all is fine and fun in the wonderland of RP. Got another 4.8 GB of classic songs from an ug. Been more than a month that my nephew lost my camera charger and am all getting complaints of lost passion. LOG, am still in for post processing. Solvitar – thanks again for the link and cheese, it’s again a long post.

Status: If it’s after 1975 and at least 180 mins long, then am in for the movie. It’s ought to be the best. Wear PPE's before War with Children.
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