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“Your Way Koooooool man! Yayyyyyyyy! Gimme a Hi-Fi! Haaari. Your cool man! Yeahhhhhhh!” was just the start of a proud night; I spent with two of my undergrad friends (one a fellow lab mate and the other his friend) and their wives. Switching from “Hotel California” of Eagles to “I’m a believer” by Smash Mouth was a good move for my first Karaoke ever. Somehow the crowd got lively from the rest of the slow songs and had a small bash right in front of me. Guess Karaoke is suited for shower SPB’s like me. Pointing my finger on the pretty teen cowgirl (while the lyrics was ‘And then I saw her face; Now I’m a believer’) was an intended fortunate mistake and I had to do country dancing with her for a while. C even got jealous of me dancing with her. Luckily ‘Kissable, huggable, unbelievable’ by Rio Diamond wasn’t available in the Karaoke list. Just assume what I would have had to face under such circumstances (other than the pretty teen).

Singing on the top of my voice wasn’t easy with my jaws aching from the laughter, I had to put up with Vic Henley for two full hours. $9 worth ticket, but the show was $900 worth laughter. While the fun side of me enjoyed the whole show, the technical part of my brain answered one ambiguous joke, Bill Clinton doesn’t need a condom coz all he does is go for a B*** J**’. Was it perfect timing to be a pervert, I had no clue, it made most of the undergrads laugh and also think on the joke. The inter to the Karaoke party was filled with 8 games of pool, in which I had to offer shots to their wives (just to keep them interested and not wonder why they were asked to come there), hyped around with the ladies to have some fun, played a nail biting air hockey game (I lost at the buzzer by one goal), tones of fun with the intoxicated friends, and a few jolly good songs sung with the equally cool guys. Finally it felt like a good Wednesday.

Thursday was the balance shaft of Wednesday night’s party. Worked like a (obviously) work horse. Even took my time off between work to read articles like Endorphins secreted while dancing (Just google search. I am tired enough not to post the link). Shy dancers, read the article and have fun doing the 'get up now and do a two second woo hoo dance'

Friday was a special day. I had to finish my draft for a paper in the morning by 12 and my time was very tight. It was one of those rare occasions when my level of concentration was at the peak. Four hours later (after mailing the draft to my advisor and running to the loo, like a fire engine blaring wooo woooo; I need to go to the looo), I saw my invisible taskbar showing 6 friends giving me the Hi’s in gtalk messages. I had no recollection of seeing even one window. I achieve this concentration daily for 3 hours – I’ll graduate in four months. Evening time was fantastic. A good friend’s birthday was celebrated and we ended up playing games including Moment of Truth till 1:30 am. It was then followed by a long drive to US-68 teaching a friend on driving on curvy roads, few moments of serenity sitting outside and a drowsy dinner at Dennys.

Saturdays nap was cut short drastically trying to help an old lady move out, U-Haul my bro’s stuff to Louisville, 4 hours of physical and mental work out in practice, an ‘acid-toed’ tight and busy experiment, movie 21 (How come, everything I watch turn out to be stuff related to Geeks and Nerds?), sarcastic jokes (was on the receiving end), and some time spent with the awakened roomie.

Sunday was desperately sleep deprived. Drive to Louisville with my brother's friend's mom (and I loved listening to all her concerned advices). Emptied the whole U-Haul stuff (What’s with me and my family, always ending up renting houses in the top most floor?), arranged a few, drove 40 miles to my bro’s friend's shop. There he asked me to give him suggestions on how to improve his business. The shop was located in the center of a circle surrounded by Pizza Hut (rules out most gas station food and lottery system), Liquor Shop (Beer days goes to the drain), Walgreens (people won’t even walk in for aspirin) and best of all – Speedway (thanks to the speedy card, even Americans love to get free offers and so go over there. That throws the fuel pumps into the rust). Three hours later, they understood the way things are supposed to be arranged, lit, dazzled, bee-hived, racked, showy’ed, advertised, etc and all I got was a vanilla sandwich ice cream bar as the consultancy charge. In fact till this moment I’d been living on vanilla ice cream sandwich from Thursday (I was dead hungry the whole half week). Guess I can confidently step into the marketing world with blinds. The return was all traffic filled zip zaps at average 90 mph (Thanks to aunty sleeping. She had no clue what I was doing), a heavy meal of one pack of noodles (even sprinklers feel Godly in a drought area), a 15 minute nap disturbed at the third minute (had to pick up my bro from the U-Haul return), a full hour of gaped sleep, and finally some time to see the world in my own style. Three hours later, Sunday ended. Lab work is done for the night. Now I can go home, shave into the Dil Chahtha Hai look, and crash before I get up in 4 more hours for my individual meeting with my advisor.

If someone finds life in planets beyond level of Earth, please do call me. I’ll have extended weekends over there at least. PS. Thanks to the dozen people who mailed me not only Pride by Syntax, but the whole Meccan Minds album.

This week: Tuesday, and Thursday evening is already filled with crucial selection practice for Saturday's friendly game against EKU. Wednesday is gonna be a drive to Cinci to meet a great person from the past, visiting for a week from Beijing (I'll be shouting Hudibaba, hudibaba, hudibaba.... :D). That leaves me with Monday and Friday evenings to work on my lower hand injury (which I haven't passed it to the team mates). As the song (running at the background) by Violet Burning says, "I'm no Superman" and I need to face one more week to improve myself for the low probable not so sure future.

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