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Besame Mucho

“Nicely knocked bottom. Feels good” – analyzing technique, equipment and other factors.

“He is going for a good length and that too outside off delivery” – reading your rivals mind.

“Just as I had expected. Good length, uncontrolled to half volley” – self appreciation of my judgment and good concentration.

“Just slash the damn wide one. Definite four” – confident judgment of your surroundings.

“Oh Ohh! This is not my bat. This ain’t long handle. Don’t reach it” – split second risk assessment.

“Just check the shot! Punt! Punt!” – adapting to avoid failure.

Three quarters into the knee down cover drive, my dusk light eyes noticed the thick inside edge bouncing off the artificial turf, and BHAM! A hard French kiss with the white leather ball, and it bit my upper lip. Donating blood to the grassy pitch, I thought,

“Oh Kay captain! You escaped from getting out! But you’re hit! Be strong! Don’t act stupid and scare the new guys. It’s part of the game” and in five seconds, I spat all the blood out, did a gargle of the loosened gum and said, “Come on! Lets not waste anymore time! Bowlers be ready, others back to your fielding positions” – Ready to take another blow spirit. Brave enough to gain the respect and trust of the team. Team chemistry instantly improved. Half an hour later, the dusk won over our fervent interests to hone our willow skills.

End note I gave the team - “And finally, after today’s incident I think it would be necessary for all players to use helmets while playing” an immediate rapture of laughter.

‘Team chemistry and safety is the most crucial thing I need to achieve. The rest is text book teaching’ I thought to myself.

“I won’t lie to you guys. I was shit scared. So I wore the helmet. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. So as a coward ‘STRICT’ captain, I am making it a mandatory practice to wear helmets” – a lie for the safety of the team.

On the way out off the ground, “Coward captain? Nice move! Keep it up”, the senior player quipped.

“In the interest of the team, I had to lie”, I smiled.

“I know! You hated wearing helmets. But today you answered my doubts on your captaincy. The season is going to be good. Don’t worry”, he assured.

About a day from that incident, I’ve got phone calls, messages and even ‘get well soon bhai’ e-card (Very smart bheedu). Thanks for your concern guys. I look cool with the swollen lip. In fact I can mimic Silverster Stallone with ease. But better of all, I am making most of my friends laugh when I convey them that I got the swollen lip from my hot girl friend’s smooch ;)………..

Off the Lip [Pretty girls can stick to it, if you wish to ;)]: Outrageously busy! Loved and hated the songs ‘Dil Haara’ from Tashan (what the hell does Tashan mean?) and ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis (which I’ve been listening to the past several months) coz these are great songs, with Charlie Wilson’s War Ending – ‘F***ed up the end game’. I hate it when musicians end soft songs with blaring electric music or some crap techno mix, shouting at the top of their voice, just to show the intense ending. That’s ridiculous beyond imagination. ‘Falak Tak’ from Tashan sounds familiar. But don’t have the time to find an answer. Except this Friday evening, my ass is up on the hot grill. And if you haven't guessed it yet - Besame Mucho means Kiss me more (an old spanish classic song) :*

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