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Fooled Wolf

People who are smart fool others on this day while people who are dumb get fooled today. But I fell into the third class. Self-fooling. Yes I was a fool confusing the start of the week with the start of the month and forgot all about this day. Thanks for being busy, I requested my dad to call me later in the evening when he called me in the morning trying to fool me [I hate acting to him, as if I got his bait on this special day every year. But this year I actually missed that special spark :(]

If you laugh at someone coz of your prank, then it's considered to be a good April fool prank. But if you repent/feel guilty from seeing someone suffer, coz of your prank, then classify it as 'Crying Wolf'.

An hour into my untimely evening nap (runny nose to head ache to slight fever), I get a call from a bunch of local friends. An hour later, there they were being yelled at the top of my voice. Thanks to the elevated temperature from the sleep developed fever, I got tired in a few minutes (though I was extremely pissed off) and had to give up after seeing them understand that what they did was 'Cry wolf' and not a prank.

To chill the whole gang (thanks to the level of invectives I gave them with a runny nose, they felt guilty), I took them to an unusual restaurant (which I knew pretty well). In the name of 'nature calls' I had to pull the waiter aside and tell something important to him. Thanks to my friends maniacal obsession to soda or milkshake, it was pretty much easy for me to persuade them into trying the malts and sodas in the restaurant while I ordered chicken soup (A sick man's got to do what a sick man's got to do).

Minutes later, the waiter brought them the malts and soda while I had water. I held my transparent glass of water against their colored glasses filled with their respective favorite beverage and said cheers (I was smirking on the outcome). While everyone removed the top of the straw paper-covering from the pre-dipped straws (as provided by the waiter), I drank my water without the straw. I waited... I waited.... I waited a few more seconds and there I was holding my stomach in pain trying to control the rapture of laughter I got from seeing their blue faces.

Three of them understood the plot and started laughing while the fourth friend sucked her straw as hard as she can and finally gave up. She looked at her husband not understanding what was happening. He took the straw out and turned it upside down to show her the mashed potato stuffed hard inside the straw. "You guys suck good", I commented and we all laughed our stomachs out.

The rest of the night was spent watching "The pancake batter anomaly" and singing “Soft kitty; warm kitty; little ball of furrrrr, Happy kitty; sleepy kitty; pur pur purrrrr”
The longer I stay awake the faster my temperature subsides - my recent conclusions on the current physical state. I sleep, I get sick again. (still scratching for a theory behind this event)
But before I go, there is nothing good without a PJ. So here it is - "When you're feeling cold, you need chicken soup for the soul. But when you have cold, you need chicken soup in your bowl" :P
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, April 02, 2008


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