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Pharaoh of the Wanted Heart

“Had a terribly day. This one shall just add up to the misery” is what I said to myself before I restarted the movie “Anbe Sivam” ('Love is God' in Tamil and the love, mentioned here is anything with care). I knew what mess I would be at, but decided to face lurking in the past and ended up accepting defeat in overcoming nostalgia. But I knew what I was doing. The scene when Madhavan questions the plan of God and for which Kamal responds with the concept of ‘Everyone is God’ was the one scene I was most apprehensive about and yes it did take its effect on me (ended up longing for a person who had the qualities of Nalla Sivam). Thought that he weekend was a definite goner. Instead of the memories of ‘getting emotionally attached' to SMILE, looming to enslave my merriness, it showered many a sheepish smiles and nods of ‘unbelievably that was me then’.

“You like Pharaohs?” and the sound of “Yaaaaaaeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss” from the bunch of sheep counters made me go for it. I did shave my busy beard into a Pharaoh patch. But I lost myself into some old memories of fun and laughter and accidentally diced the longitudinal facial hair. And there I was, with the Pharaoh wanting from the heart (Dil Chahta Hai Aamir Khan look) and I decided to stick on to it. I’m dedicating this effort of going beyond the usual devadoss or French beard for the many fond attached memories with SMILE.

I was happy enough with the change that it took me half a dozen long jumps missing grass lawns, hopping pavements with the usual skip-slide style (which I haven't done for quite some time), high jumping small walls, tight roping a few benches, dunking in basketball courts, a couple of sprints among crossings, snaking around pillar lights and finally some lay time on the grass glaring at stars, to come to normalcy. Spent the next couple of hours sharing joy with an out bound friend. The last time I went to India, I kept French Beard for the first time in States for him. Strangely this time he is leaving to India, and am with this new style.

Came back home and checked my inbox to find out that I was represented in last weekends Sunday Herald under the title ‘Doctor Swigs Drug for Science”. Statistically saying, I was represented just as a mere data point in a plot. (I didn’t take any experimental drug. I just gave deoxygenated blood samples after a series of exercises for scientific reasons. So guys please save your efforts in throwing concerned invectives at me). Since the volunteering money served no purpose for myself now, I chipped in to a few causes which I always wanted to do. “O Srinivasan students! You guys sticking to the 2% salary donations theme?” Felt awesome to spend the rest of the lonely night in good mood.

Off The Pharaoh: Got electrocuted for a micro second while trying to turn the power back to my apartment. Thanks to the faulty adapter my roomie installed for his remote controlled hummer. Had a terrible day using my hand eye coordination trying to set up the atomic force microscope in a particular mode and went through a series of troubles related to mechanics, electronics, electrics, etc. Though I was pretty much pissed off at the end of the day unable to get my analysis done (thanks to the three time breaking of cantilevers) and sticking on to my promise of getting the result for Monday’s meeting, I was greasy proud to see the machine patched up for future use for the sole user – I and I only. Spent the whole day listening to only three songs (during instrument set up) which I’ve been humming for the past 7-8 months and not listened to (its that kind of songs which keeps on running in your head even if there’s a master piece blaring in the radio). They were Oasis – Wonderwall, Lakshya – Kitni Baatein and Scrubs theme – I’m no Superman (which I’ve been singing around in the lab with Don and also sung embarrassingly loud enough, when Dr. Hastings entered the AFM lab, to show his collaborators on the available facility). I got to get control over my shower singing instincts, in public places and among friends, before I embarrass myself more. I would have run at least 2 miles this week, fitting in crucial analysis time to be in the lab and also in the AFM lab and other places. Had terrible news from Student government early in the morning and am figuring out options to get things done (which I’ve not yet encountered) before I talk with the rest of the team. Got self-, motivated- and friendly-appreciation on tackling a tricky situation related to a friend’s plea to solve his business crisis. Now I’m offered a job from a leading business consultancy (tempting enough in the monetary basis. But not tempting enough to quit blinding my dreams). It just made my life easy enough not to question my crazy future plans. Finally found a guy to sponsor my East Lansing tournament participation (go for the two second rapture dance). And guess what! There is going to be a biker’s tournament too on the same day. If the schedule looks good, I might end up participating in that too (hope am not rusty enough to crash in the first lap itself)

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, March 29, 2008


hari - u shud stop blogging while ur high on something (the drink or whatever)


11:34 PM  

:D Abhi...... High is what I am at most days.....

12:04 AM  

Really really - i cant figure out what u want to blog about and why ur doin each post :)

If u continue this way - ul end up creating a whole new genre for yourself

No offense meant buddy - but i cudnt help but observe - u know

8:15 AM  

Abhi... The future holds a great deal of an adventure (at least) in my case. I know exactly where to dig in for enthusiasm, help, confidence and of course answers to the many questions I shall post to myself in the future. Since that answers the why part of ur question, the what part is all about remembering what things define me. People do change with time, and when I change I can answer 'what was I, why am I and who shall I be' in an easy way (by looking right back at what I was) :)
No worries on asking the question. Ur observation is a mere grain among the many sands of questions I got from concerned friends....
Cheers Buddy....

11:02 AM  

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