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Have you ever wondered how some chances turn the way life moves? (Well, you're right. Am a lil serious now) I had a few chances, which I either took serious, or for granted, or in short just threw 'em out of the window. The past 2 weeks had been really a testing ground in my life.

About 15 days ago, I started having high intensity head aches, and some migraines and a rare two shots of blackouts (I meant shots, coz both the times, I was holding a beaker of my research chemicals for my reaction setup). A general CT scan gave a mess of few days, coz I was diagonized with a ruptured blood vessel in my brain. Luckily, I had 2 full days spent in Kansas city, before my second scan report showed up that I had no issues in my brain. Thanks to the quack and his rapport, on how I can end up in my grave, I did see things different in life. A family reunion (felt like the last one ever), a sudden change of affection from my nephew towards me, a horrendous time of misful life with zero friends, a house filled with three great men who never realized my head ache and agony, a few late hours of dedicated work to finish off my duties before I see the gate, a spiral to the past and the few people's memories who left a lil too early, a few smirks of the things I never did or said in life (which proved finally worth being mute for) and a painful time talking to my parents who never knew what was actually going in my brains (along with the so called blood vessel rupture), all ended up making me realize how I missed some chances in life.
[The rest of the post has been saved as a different post for personal reasons....]
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, May 27, 2008


itz hard, but reality checks like this do help us to change our outlook and approch towards life...
glad to know that u r fine :)

5:18 AM  

@ xh: Thanks for ur concern. Am not completely recovered. I'm still having the head aches but not the migraines and black outs.

10:04 AM  

jeez man! ive been telling ya before - take it easy man - just take everything slowly, work on ur research and have fun while you can !

Ur a bit too intense than normal folks man - i always say that.

Take care - do ping me when u can on google talk - we'll talk.

2:50 PM  

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