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At times I wondered, when would my 'motivation in some form' pause in life and what would I do in that interim. But seconds ago, I just ended up seeing my own spark.
A week ago I wished, "I can be also a kid with the umbrella". I was wrong. "I am already the kid with the umbrella"
Some moments are not to be forgotten. That one minute with the under grad Don Jhonson is one, I'll cherish all my life. May peace be with you all....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, October 16, 2008


* i just ended up seeing my own spark *

Came off ur backside, did it ?


some of the stuff u say - trying to mean something else -actually comes off real funny - a bit like yogi berra - i guess :)

9:24 AM  

Good for you!

9:47 AM  

@ A: Yogi Berra is legendary dude.. Don't degrade him comparing me with him.
@ The Nut: Best for me :D

7:50 AM  

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