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Boogying with Rey in excitement of getting more than what I’d asked for, via tax returns, I ended up attending the anonymous phone call. A minute later, I started walking with 50% more than my usual pace to reach home. About 5 minutes later, I, my roomie and a guest of us was helping me out, to pick things of importance. We trashed the things unnecessary. Then with a citizen smile, I bid farewell, and said “Thank You” to this old muscular grandpa who drove away in his truck along with my stuff.

Inside the house, I separated the quarters from the dimes and the dimes from the nickels and dropped them in the respective shot-glasses of piggies as the Turtles happy’ed together. A sense of normalcy shadowed me quite long enough after this and I decided to hitch back to the lab. My funny roomie was strangely caring and sober as I wore my shoes and started to the lab. The electric music rolled away to a cool fusion smoothie in the new warm weather. Things went usual. Then came the law building crossing and I stood there waiting for the traffic to tend to zero. Like the usual, I waited to cross the road without even minding for the red hand to show the green stick man. I saw more cars, more traffic and then it hit me like a meteoric anvil. I walked besides the summer smooching teen couple in a disturbed state and sat in the Lextran bench.

For a few minutes, the world just passed as I realized that I’ve returned my car once and for all. Although I was ‘acceptably’ prepared to give the car as means to save money for future studies, for concentrating on current studies, and a few surprises I need to throw in a year and two; somehow I fell stampeded by its loss. Pressed 2-8 in the speed dials and never allowed the call to patch through. But then, finally I broke down and spoke to 9. She consoled me the same ironic words I gave the night-before she sold her car for her marriage reasons – “It’s all for good. You are not selling it coz you are in debt. You are doing it for a better future.” She even added the (now non-meaningful) last statement in the series of consoling words I gave her then – “Here’s my keys. Go for a long drive.” I gave her a smile and cut the phone after thanking her.

Three walk signals later, I regained posture and snailed out of the location. As I walked the next two minutes, I was caught in a web of memories, I shared with Mach7. 36K miles covered in a span of 15 months – that’s about 600 hours of memories. I was doomed to go gloom. But then, I saw a guy holding a 5’ scale as I crossed him. I realized that I am in the way of the architecture students who do their land measurement studies. The next 30-60 seconds was all about sneaking past the laser beams of architectural syllabus maze. As I crossed the last student, I had a smile of achievement. With the same smile, I saw Rey back in the lab, and said, “Hi-fi Rey! Just gave my car for good” I hi-fi’ed the blank faced Rey, and went back doing my work.

I guess what I’d go through in the next few months, would govern the effectiveness of this decision.

And as I was about to post this event, Rutsy calls me. He just enquired if I can lend my car for his driver’s test for tomorrow. How ironic? And now the random playlist has Rihanna going Shut up and Drive!! I just looked at the ceiling of my lab and said to the so called God, “Nice practical joke. Now go screw Yourself!” And now am laughing, as Rey still continues his blank look at me. =))

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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