Indian Ameri


Under Preparation :D

Watch from time 9:20 mins till end of the following followed by start till 1:10 mins of the continued version. Then read the next....

I am already starting to see such situations emerge with my nephew. Although, it feels funny in a sitcom serial, in reality - it also does feel funny :D. Guess, I need to prepare myself for more such situations.

Out of syllabus: Today, I worked an hour and half on my paper draft sitting under a tree (My laptop battery lasts longer, real longer - for about 'just' 90 mins). Ended my moonlight (although it was cloudy) work mood lying on the grass (nice weather) listening to only this for about a dozen times gazing at the sky searching for stars among the light laden city lights reflecting from the cloudy space.

Teri har aahat ka chup chupke peeche peeche aana,
Mujhe tanhai mein tera ek lamha de jaana,

Shayad yeh lamha bhi phir khuda ne,

Tere mere milne ka socha hai bahana, ha AAAA.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, March 24, 2009


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