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The hero keeps a beautiful dress for the pretty lady in her hotel room. She checks it and a scene later is pompously showing off her perfect figure for the perfect dress.
Roomie: "How the hell did he get her the dress of exact fit?"
Two Jrs in chorus: Yeah! How come?
Me: (huh???) (with a serious frustrated face) He goes to the mall, points out to one of the shop workers who has a near/exact physique as the heroine does and well....... "Did it answer your query?"

A similar scene from last week:
With Johnny Carino's Clois du Bois evaporating faster into B and T's brain cavity,
(after a 'one thing leading to the other and then to another' sequence of discussions)
T: Muhahahahaha, (slight snort of a laughter pausing the crowds attention)... Hehehehe... If that's the case M(e)ATE (he sucks at his Australian born European raised tongue), this is funnier.
B: Hahahahaha! (wobbling his head into an expression of the jokes funny mate) What?
T: What's the point in having zippers for women pants?
(I, and B's gf give an expression of "Where did that come from?")
B's Gf: OK B. Enough with the wine.
B: (Did something which looked more like a 'coochicoochiwoo' attempt to me than a romantic way of saying 'Oh, am sorry baby') Just curiousssss. (definitely this snake is the cause of the extra bottle of wine)
T: (laughing uncontrolably from the moment the question was shot) Yeah! Why?
B: I don't know... do you? (looking at his gf)
(Me - uh oh! Should I dive in with the simple answer and stop this nonsense? Ah! 'W' word.)
Me: Coz it's easier to remove the pants (with a pitch indicating that I've had enough with these drunk idiots)
B and T: (smirking more idiotically....)
B's Gf: (Either her face turned red coz of anger or blushing. I prefer the former)
Me: Ah Come On! Stop smiling your perverts. Use your head. Think you can remove your pants without the zipper open??? (There. That should bring things on to the intellectual note)
B and T: (Drunk people do show clear cut facial expression and this time I saw the expression of serious thought and then...) Hmmmm.... You are correct.
Me: Enough wine for both you guys now.
B's Gf: (a brief short smile ....)

There are certain moments in my life, when I go frustrated over stupid questions and answer them with a blunt attitude. Most times the answer is taken well and understood too. But quite often it showcases me as a perverted fellow. In those moments I think, "Can't even a zero watt bulb glow over the questioners heads?"

On this pretty interesting note: I don't know why most people consider one's keen interest in studying the "Momentous" evet of the person to that of "judging the person". Interestingly even close friends do not see the thin line between my funny side of thought for the moment to some blokes way of judging people for eternity. A simple tip: If someone gives a serious thoughtful expression (marked by a frown) - it means, they are judging you. If someone (crazy to be similar to me) gives a smile/smirk/even a short snap of sound - it means we are not judging but are just being amused by the momentous event. Surprisingly I am not in the murderous mood of quoting, "I am sick and tired of people judging me as a person who judges others". Instead I am wondering how most people still need to evolve from the pretentious life of calling themselves evolved. (That makes me different.... Ain't it? :D )
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, March 29, 2009


what was that about ? cant quite place it you know - from the concept angle.

i'l ask u for a summary when we gtalk next time ;-

gud to see that ur alive, up and about

9:19 PM  

Conceptually - it was jus a POV.. No strings attached and not many events linked outside the two examples.

And the reason is simple - Am pretty much 'Alive', 'up' (insomniac) doing one thing at a time all to myself, and 'about' to revisit my lost goals...

Well, we'll gtalk if u find me available for the discussion....

1:34 AM  

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