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1. Blublubalubablubaluba - The closest visual description associated with this comic strip sound is the one generated from the mouth of a 100 Hz, body twisting, rain drenched, saliva drooling, self drying, bull dog (Whew!). I had the exact sound coming from my 10 Hz, head twisting, world turning, hummmmmm hearing, mouth. The reason: I asked a 30+ year old Walmart employee to hit my head with a 70 ironer baseball bat. Ouch!!!!! Ain't it?
No! I did not lose my marbles (before or after the head ramming), but I decided to go smart on a cricket helmet purchase. The youth baseball helmet is a perfect fit, awesome view, light weight, well cushioned, ear holes for better audio, great hold strap, and a beautiful iron faceguard; exactly needed for the game of cricket. The one thing I had to check was its compatibility towards a 90 mph fast ball. After the blublualubalubaluba, my shaky inner guy yelled, "Ta Dahhhh!" I just saved about 50 bucks by purchasing two helmets for the team. Go Treasurer.

2. One pretty lady's license returned using facebook search, a sign up for a bone marrow walkathon and a potential future donation, a strangers request to hold his wild dog for a minute (the bull dawg sound :D ), and a lending hand to a bench exerciser whose chest was being crushed by 120 lbs - all in one day. End result - I was freaky, waiting for the equilibrating sin to occur.

3. An about 16-20 month hiatus phone call from one of the (seemed to be lost) best buddies of all time in the middle of a one of a kind world musical ensemble, partially taken. An hour later, when the Calcutta grown 'dude of the century typo guy' recited "Naan Saaptundirukiren" in his unusual Tam Brahm mother tongue, I couldn't resist laughing on the pavement. Half an hour later when he ringed back, I was the one delivering the "Buahahahaha! Now I'm the one having dinner". Two more sets of unpicked phone calls exchanged between us, and then by mutual ESP both decided to quit calling each other for a while. (Good news - I know that he is alive and vice versa.)

4. Atleast a dozen people in a span of 2 days enquired about my graduation date :o !!! Had an extremely strange session with an India departing friend. Although, he was several years experienced to me, both answered silence to the questions he shared. My POV - Asking the wrong person Doc! His POV - Right person Hari! My soon to be departing (when :-?) funny roomie named me, "Harie!" His reasoning - I'm the sand nigga amalgamation of Barnie, Charlie and Joey.

(16 hrs after I started the blog post)
5.6.7...... Errrrr..... I forgot a few interesting things that happened the past few days... 'W' word! Next weeks on the board.... Guess it's time to write the title of this post.... hmmmm.... brainfreeze....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, March 28, 2009


Some happenings in your life;-))....long time no see; hope to see more of you around;-))

8:50 AM  

@ the poetic Sid: Hmmm.. In fact am squeezing out some sweat to see some happenings in my life.... Stick around as usual and u'll see me around too.... ;)

6:56 PM  

lovely writing

8:25 PM  

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