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I'm jumping beans all around the lab after this 'just in' news...... Cooperstown, the University housing for International Grad students is going to be demolished in a few months. The news is just hours old and I'm already feeling the tension building up in the campus. Although I should be concerned/sympathizing on this horrible info for most, I'm all gala that the future community would be different. No more localizing, etc, and the best thing - You will know who your neighbor is. While people are doing the math of finding new apartments, my villain side is doing the permutation and combination of the fun the Univ will be seeing. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!! Yes, I'll miss the fun I had in that great section of community, but I foresee a better and interactive socializing community. Yikes! 3:15 am.... Time to escaaaapppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............
PS - I was lambasted by 6 people in less than 2 hours for two things - Me going "Screw You.. Find your own apartments :D" and rubbing Muahahahahahahaha on all my Cooper Friends... Call me Cuckoo, I don't care. I'm having the best mood after quite a loooooong time...
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, March 30, 2009


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