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How Silly!!!

Today wasn't like any other day. In spite of going through all the technical sites and forums that satiate my daily need for current information, there was this "indomitable" hunger for more. Mr. Grey Matter started to generate questions on anything and everything that needed an answer. Finally, my mind set straight on one important question - "Why the fudge do they use a silver wrapper for chewing gum?" (Hey, life's big questions need a break too :D). All the various attempts that even involved calling the 1-800 number of Wrigleys provided me with no answer.

A break from this bheja fry was evident and so a skim through my work schedule was made just to fit a walk to the univ bank. With every chew of the early-taken chewing gum, every blocked issue in the mind started to seep out. Eventually, the acidity of the thought-burden increased along with the juicy gum flavored salivation. As I crossed the most fluid-dynamically challenged model of a gusty path between two buildings, I retracted back into the product of intellectual aggravation for emotional dampening.

As I fiddled through the pocketed contents of my sweat shirt, I felt the silver wrapper. Cloaking the lost-in-translation-extremely-dried-and-rigid-gum with the wrapper, I searched for a trash bin. There, standing in bold black was the bin. Was it the univ's awesome basketball season or was it mere deviation from normalcy, I don't know, the involuntary head amalgamated a series of serious issues with the ever so undependable physical ability into a final wager equation that had an If Not command.

If I can throw this silvery trash exactly through the bins rectangular side opening, then so-and-so would happen. If not, then I'm very well screwed. Forgetting the wind velocity as a vital parameter, I gulped the instant the shot was attempted. As my eyes focused on the twinkling wrapped ball of gum shearing its way through the wind, I felt "Uh Oh!" A milli second later, my heart leaped with joy like a munchkin celebrating the birthday in Chucky Cheese. The ball passed rimless through the opening. "Instinctively both my arms were going up in celebration". But then.... my 1 million watt victory face-bulb fused into a frown as I saw the piled up trash inside the bin repelling the ball to the other side. Like a neutron squeezing its way out of the nucleus and the electron cloud for instigating a chain reaction, the silver gum found its way through the opening on the other side of the bin. And the instigated chain reaction was, "Was it If or If-not? Crap! Both occurred"

Instead of the unsatisfied mind playing tricks on guessing a solution, a void formed inside me. The only way it got filled was by a sudden surge of extreme happiness. And the reason for this glee was that the whole random event was silly. The rest of the bank job was; as the Italian from Malta would phrase - "Piss in ze 'ead" :D

Here's another silly hit - Today marks the fourth anniversary of me making a living in the hall [9 different apts and never had a room for myself or a bedroom shared with someone else. Never complained, and so feeling extremely content. Interesting warm memory - Exactly 4 yrs and 1 day ago I spent the cold winter night sleeping on a park bench. How silly!! =)) ]

(A sillier comment 24 hrs later - I might try this song on my next karaoke night. And I'll bow to all those ppl who can sing this song without any tongue-twisting-blabber....)

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posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, January 28, 2010


hi! my first time on ur blog.
First of all, with that kind of a high contrast background, it makes me strain my poor already-tired-by-evening-eyes to read that orange yellow font.

Isn't it the joy we get from little things in life that form a major part of the total joy in life?
Think. if we celebrated only big achievements, we'dbe such a sad lot!
and.. uff.. just when I was reading up some nuclear physics, u talk about neutrons n all :P wah!

12:22 PM  

@ The newbie Ms. Shruti - Finally someone talks abt the background. I'll change it when I get time (soon). My sincere apologies for straining your eyes. I agree with you. But the sad part is when we grow busy n trying to achieve we somehow forget to see the lil things in life... :)
Neutrons and Big Bang on my part - I was jus refreshing my memory on that physics..
PS - So you're a cat person eh!!!!

1:54 PM  

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