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Kaisa hai ghum, bolon na tum hoton se

About a week ago, a very close friend of my brother, whom I knew, hated for a reason, avoided for many reasons, and ran far away from passed away due to unimaginable medical reasons.....
freedom to express wants to be silent coz the true world around me likes to be silent.

Well, here is the gist of what the real rant post was never on (Jack stays in the Box and so does his draft on self assertion. Near 24 hours of the real rant being online is enough to stir some minds). It was time that I had to be hit with realistic facts on my inner personality. Anyways, the interesting things that I managed to squeeze out over the last week of confused clarity are as follows -

1. I managed to stay awake after the very first voicemail of an alarm by pitching the night dress clad self out the front door in the poking winter weather. Hey, it's a great wake up call.

2. I've managed to focus on one of the the pupils of my eye by standing close to the mirror (with the light coming from the mirror top) and fiddle around with the constriction and expansion. Believe me, it's the refreshing sight early in the morning (PS - Narcissistically saying, brown eyes are interesting to watch)

3. Every time, I walk in the milky white wintry world, I bow in respect looking at the green grass. It seems to be the most resilient living thing that remains the same through out the year.
(Trees are big and shed to survive. Pines don't shed, but their leaves fail to grow. On the other hand, grass are bullies that still grow in harsh weather)

4. Met a group of technically smart under grads (hard to find in this country), who were excited enough to invite me for their second annual Frozen Canon Ball event. I ended up being the first nerdy grad student to jump in a 6 feet deep pool with a cracked 17 cm ice layer. Blowdryers - $30. Firemen axe - $90. Warm blanket - $40. Staying in sub zero waters for near hypothermia minutes (4-5 mins) - priceless. Been cared by the next in line few bikini clad girls and still feeling normal - Unbelievably priceless :D. Once in a lifetime must do experience.

5. I did my first ever helping an old lady cross the road in my life. After effects - A good warm smile for the winter weather.

6. I celebrated my two year anniversary of zero speeding tickets in spite of extending my annual average speed from 82-89 mph (The suspension was due to drunk passengers and an error in my house address) by completing my first ever 7 mile jog. (Btw, I do keep track of my miles and time of travel. So statistically saying, the numbers are true :D )

7. The demise of the sibling's close friend on New Year kept me on the phone for consolation and thanks to it, I spent a week on clarity of inner self. Now I know more of me than what I did before.

Hmmm..... The mind is back on the clarity of confusion. I'll pass into the freedom of silent expression.

O Meri Jaan (whose piano note was mastered by trial and error method using a friends keyboard in under 20 mins. A very focussed 20 mins off the stirring mind) and Dil to Baccha hai Ji are the picks of the week in the mean time. Enjoy
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, January 09, 2010


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