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Man vs Munchkins - Listen to yourselves

A few activities in life are pursued for the mere sake of being occupied. And once, such an event becomes a routine, one is bound to skip a day or two in the advent of a silly activity. Blessed I was today, that the silliness at hand was worth enough to not worry about skipping the routine.

Thanks to a friendship I was initiated at several months ago, a responsible dad called me on an emergency. Clad in sweat pants and an AC Milan Tee, I had to tackle a 6 yr munchkin with her 4 yr old brother for the next four hours. Although, most of the fun activities of baby sitting involved a certain amount of gyration with me being the pivotal center and they being the centrifugal weights, the tired souls (including me) had their moments by listening to stories from an inexperienced wizard (When was the last time I told a story to Jay? And did I ever tell him a magical story?). A boy initiated food fight (For Pete's sake, who the heck invented spaghetti?) followed by a girl initiated pillow fight (Bless the soul that found cotton and who stuffed it into teddy bears) made my job easy to put the tired ones to bed.

As my focus shifted from the card pyramid to the hypnotic tik tok tik tok sound of the wall clock, I heard him cry. Running upstairs, I figured out that Mr. Munchkin had wet his sheets. Thanks to the help from his sis, we changed him into his other pajamas. 'Look who's talking' comments with them informed me that he is scared of darkness and does not like his door to be shut at nights. Was it the nightmarish cookie monster he imagined from his closet, he was in no mood to sleep or make me go away. After consenting from both his parents, I dressed them up for a walk. Yes you heard it right, I took them on a walk around the neighborhood past their usual bedtime.

A lil princess carrying a pinkish umbrella about her size on one side, a bubbly candidate of a warrior having his head underneath a transparent raincoat hood, a short road lit by sodium vapors on one side, a greenish pined garden on the other, a slight drizzle of 11 degree C rain, the road filled with a mosaic of puddles, and of course, the warrior and the princess clasping on to my pinkies with their hands, and finally, laughing at me for getting drenched in spite of a tugged family sized umbrella was a heaven in guise. After all the splashes created by the jumping beans got messy, we reached the corner.

As the road beyond the intersection seemed darker, I went crouched at the warrior. After one of those special on time Man to Munchkin talks, I saw him unclasp my hand and started running into the dark. As I and the princess covered the space we gifted him in the first place, we saw him smiling wide with the childish grunt of happiness he sounded. Then I asked him, "Where you scared XYZ?" He replied, "(Nodded his head in agreement)But, but.... Then I jumped up and down, up and down the water. Then Buzz shot the monster with my laser (and he pointed his left forearm)" The lil princess radiated with a girlish giggle as she understood for her age that our plan worked. I smiled back at her. I walked through heavens door one more time and we reached back home.

I snugged the warrior along with Buzz on his side and also gave him Ironside Transformers to keep near him. As I walked out to put the princess to sleep, Mr. Kemp Jr asked me to shut the door. I couldn't be happier than that moment. But, yet again, I was proven wrong as Ms. Carla Jr radiated yet another girlish giggle and made me tuck her into her bed. After a dinner of the baby sitting highlights over left over spaghetti and meatballs, I thanked Carla and Kemp on dropping me back home.

I entered my apartment to see several drunk guys dancing to this. The rest of the late Friday was spent on controlling a few insolent babies by using their controlling factors (Restroom mirror, Puja room, and the most common factor of all - a call to the girl friend) =))

Several lessons we teach to kids are the self lessons we need to remember. I guess, I need to listen more to the elder me being a childish myself. :D

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posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, January 23, 2010


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