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The Jokes on Who?

Whew.... With 8 out of the last 10 weekends being spent on trips and holidays, the self-posted work load (substantiated by the drop in the interim chat history) finally gets a break for some normalcy in the atmosphere tonight. Anyhooo, before the title of the post is outlined briefly, a few things I noticed in the central vacuum of the concentrated work hurricane are

1. All with the exception of just I (me/I, who cares!!), say that with 3 papers, 1 book chapter and a technically sound batch of nanocharacterization and synthesis methods under my belt; I am all set to go good with getting a post doc position. How come I'm the only one remaining over-cautious/over-achieving? Difference between Idiotic and Craziness is to be outlined.

2. Every significant step from the academic/career perspective of life (right from choosing Engg/Medicine, under grad Alma Mater, jingling job/wise grad apps with their subcategories) brought its own pre-goosebumps and post-air punches. Heck, they even came with their scares of a foggy destiny with a road lesser than less traveled. Although, I (/even we) went through the heat, the past now seems to be passed like a sharp knife cutting through soft butter (the heat being the accelerator). What seems different of the so called one more big step in life from its predecessors is that, the new one has a "relative deadline". There is no specific date for a final exam/interview call/visa date/24 hr crisis meet as such. Either I can set a deadline and risk getting into the big schools or extend my plans and glee out into the famous work achieving schools. A relative deadline relative to my (including personal) requirements is needed urgently.

3. With points 1 & 2 nearly zombifying me into a serious workaholic (for paltry reasons of "This might well be my last chance to see what's important for my career in life"), I've decided to take things the simple and effective way - Chilling balances working (Time to boost that chat history back to original averages with some catch-up). So, here's a new attitudinal blogpage - I see solitude in observing a distant destiny blocked with an upstream-effort-needing ocean. Solitude gives rise to my planning.

And now for the real reason for the post - Switching from career targeted life to diagnostic personal life: (With the sibling and his family starting first conversations of settling in India once and for all, I'd got nothing to loose)

Statement A - I found the right girl......
Statement B - I also found, that I am not the right guy for her.....

Situation - Both statements were used (in under a couple of minutes) at both my parents during their two different 'quality-time-on-the-phone-with-son-alone' times.

Stmt A brought a great deal of grief to mom, while dad was all excited (and proud too :D ).....
Stmt B brought extreme sadness to dad (marked by a minutes silence), while mom had a transition from "I am sorry" concern to "I still have a chance to find him a girl" hope.... :))

After a day of leaving them alone to talk among themselves, I used statement C "It was all a joke :) " to curtail their plans to give me some space.

Now the real question is, The joke's on me/'em/the joke?

Here are a few tunes that seeped a flood through the dam of concentration
1. Once by Caleb Kane
2. Honey, Let me sing you a song by Matt Hires
3. Stockwell Road by John Matthias &
4. Aunana Kadana from Leader

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posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, January 19, 2010


your posts are getting much better machan..getting interesting too..didn't find it hard to read and understand this one..

5:57 PM  

sexy layout maan. wasnt this taken when we went to clemson during our trip to atlanta?

12:42 AM  

@Kalli - I'll kick ur butt the next time I see u... :)

@ Jitho - Ah, that trip of sheer nonsense, how can I forget it.. But, on the down side, I am sorry. This is not Clemson/Atl. This is from Tahoe from 06.
PS - I was unsure abt the new layout, Thanks dude. Now I know it's okay...

1:11 AM  

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