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Ho-Ho-Ho Hic!!!!!

As the head swayed in tune with the hoots of the "Giddiyap jingle horse", the car ribboned around the old city guttered pot holes of the Euclid. A sudden surge of thoughts reminded of a forgotten ritual, which was started last Christmas.

Thanks to the ton of money saving 25 years I turned last year, I was offered ten blank 'seasons greetings' cards from a fund raising event. A month later, on Christmas eve, an ostrich headed mood (not in the air, but under the sand) tenured me into a longer short drive to the rivers of Louisville. There among the banks along "The Menu on the River", a 'three wise men gone hunting' drink, tipped the mind of the insane to the errrr.... insanely mad.

A selfless effort to spread the joy of Christmas set upon the cobwebbed brain of the confused. There I was, placing 9 seasons greetings on windshields of 9 different cars with random messages from the drunk philosophers slate. A year of hangover later (well, as far as my memory goes, that was my first ever hot drink), all I know is that this uncanny act of mine made me 'puh puh puh ppppretty' happy. I do remember that once, one of the drunk philosophies did turn out somewhere online and I did pen about it in one of my several posts. Anyways, I'm inclined to do the same this Christmas too. So if by any chance, someone tells you about the strange card with a holiday message under their car wiper, remember who the drunk Santa might be..... :)

Off the sleigh of spirited insanity:
Talking about drunk people, the key lesson of getting drunk in the past one year (in addition to my capacity boundary to drinks, the Viswanathan Anand effect of alcohol on me, and absolute detestation of most beers) was "I know exactly what to do and what to say to uncontrollable drunk people whom I know, may know, or never knew, to calm them down into earthy angels"

Talking about something with the ever so sane mind of mine - Second chances are in fact, a true curse of the follow up of failure from the never noticed, failing first chance. The strings attached to it are more winding and tangled than the reasons that led to the initial failure. Well, I know I'll figure out a way to come out of this island situation. The only question is when?

I just survived the most exhaustive and harsh December of my life working, day and night, one and fifty nine, O hundred and twenty four hundred, Monday and Sunday with absolutely zero sugar based insulin spikes. Also no caffeine was involved whatsoever. I always wondered how my dad stopped completely having 6-8 cups of strong coffee in one single day and never even complained about it. But now, I don't. I wish I can do the same with my finger nails...... :|=|--3

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, December 23, 2009


boy! that must have taken some effort to write up!

It took me my 'effort-of the day' just to make an attempt reading it.

You're totally in fine form.

merry christmas!

12:50 PM  

Fine form, Yes! That I definitely am on... (I shall take your comment as a compliment :D).... Melliii Kilssmass to u too Abhikoo :)

2:39 PM  

good to know u r sticking to ur 'sugar-free' words! :)

1:09 AM  

@anji: I am in the process of quitting my nail-biting habits too. A year of recovery has brought me to a stage that I bite my nails once every 2 weeks. Soon, it'll be once a month (and might remain that way for the rest of my life....) Quitting completely is gonna be nail-bitingly hard.... :D :P

2:44 AM  

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