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Unstabling Stability

In spite of holding on to the concept of not succumbing to drinking for any particular reason, I got drunk now. And I feel extremely good for not blabbering the bad failures I am voluntarily taking for the sake of not hurting someone. And it is the same reason I am feeling extremely bad too. When will I be free???? I am sorry for certain particular things......

Nearly 24 hrs after the heart burn in the brain stopped pounding:
The V day efforts of spending quality time on something for a good cause finally brought a great deal of happiness today. The V day workshop in helping a Lexington Herald photographer on touching up certain portraits for charity auction brought in 16 grand of green bills for Haiti. I am also getting a certificate of appreciation for the efforts to go into my off-the-field resume. :D

Talking about V day conundrums (Abhikoo - had to steal the phrase :D), I used the two tickets for Lexington Opera House's, as a trade to baby sit some more time with Carla and Kemp Jr and had a gala of a time. There is no way that I would go to a show named "Menopause", that too 'alone'. The tickets were won for being the first song requester on V midnight. Seems like they considered me pathetic enough to not call the girl friend, and gifted me enough to keep my spirit on check.. :)) :|

And this is what I've been listening today "Can't Stop" by RHCP and "In the Night" by Joseph Arthur (Bad youtube link)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, February 21, 2010


you,um, sound drunk all right :P

7:48 AM  

F***!!! I jus saw your comment popping up in gmail n I checked the post. I have a slight memory of doing something as stupid as this. But, I have no recall of the content I wrote in the post... (I guess I can keep the post since I haven't gone into the specifications.... whew!!)

That's it!! NO more casual company drinking.... I get too silent and thats making me too unstable

7:58 AM  

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